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Volkswagen, or the "people's car", was a brand created to enable average Germans to get around by car. At the end of the Second World War, the Wolfsburg production site was placed under British control. A few months later, the 1,000th Beetle rolls off the production line to great success. In 1949, the plant was once again under German control, and expanded its product range and international presence. Today, the German brand is the world's leading carmaker, ahead of Toyota.

What are the main Volkswagen electric car models?

Here is the list of 100% electric Volkswagen models. Beev provides range and charging simulators, articles and video tests of all electric Volkswagen models. All these tools will give you a more realistic view of the vehicle in question. Start looking for your electric car!

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How much does an electric Volkswagen cost?

Prices for Volkswagen's electrified range from €27,945 for the Volkswagen e-UP to €60,650 for the Volkswagen ID.4 GTX.

What are the future electric Volkswagens?

Volkswagen is planning a number of vehicles to establish itself in the electric car market.

First, the ID Aero announced for 2024, which will be able to compete with Tesla in terms of performance.

A new car is already on the road, wearing camouflage that will be removed in the spring of 2023. The Volkswagen ID.7 is the brand's first electric sedan. This electric vehicle promises a range of 700 km with 286 hp under the hood.

Which cable should you use to recharge your electric Volkswagen?

To recharge your electric Volkswagen, you need a T2 type 2 charging cable .

This charging cable is ideal for charging all electric Volkswagens. No matter which model you own:

  • Volkswagen e-Crafter 
  • Volkswagen e-Up
  • Volkswagen ID3
  • Volkswagen ID4
  • Volkswagen ID5
  • Volkswagen ID Buzz

Choose your charging station for your electric Volkswagen

Electric Volkswagens are compatible with standard charging stations:

  • 3.7 kW
  • 7.4 kW
  • 11 kW

To find the best charging station for your electric Volkswagen at home or at work, we invite you to request a personalized quote. Select your Volkswagen electric vehicle and find out which charging stations are right for your electric vehicle.

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