Toulouse Auto Show 2023: a showcase for innovation

Toulouse 2023 Motor Show

Considered the largest public event dedicated to mobility in southwest France, the Toulouse Motorcycle & Mobility Showwas held from November 8 to 12 at the MEETT in Aussonne. Visitors had the opportunity to discover the latest models from today's most popular brands.

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2023: a turning point for electric mobility

A number of innovations and trends stood out at the Toulouse Motor Show, including electric vehicle. These regional shows, more modest than the Parisian ones, are above all an opportunity for visitors to discover new models more easily.

Volkswagen ID.7: Germany's new electric sedan

Volkswagen ID.7

Part of Volkswagen's ID range, it stands out for its modern design, with its aerodynamic silhouette and avant-garde styling. Its interior offers maximum comfort and the latest technologies for its passengers. The electric sedan is available in two versions.

Version Pro Pro Style Exclusive
615 km
700 km
150 kW (204 hp)
195 kW (265 hp)
Battery capacity
77 kWh
86 kWh

An estate versionID.7 Tourer"is scheduled for 2024.

Tesla Model 3 Highland: a streamlined version

tesla model 3 highland red profile

The latest arrival from American firm retains its refined design, but with a completely redesigned bumper, making the Tesla Model 3 Highland even sportier and more dynamic. Available in two versions, it offers increased range, while retaining a quieter cabin thanks to 360-degree acoustic glass. Customization options remain limited, but include a wide range of colors and wheels for a touch of individuality.

Version Propulsion Long autonomy
513 km
678 km
205 kW (286 hp)
323 kW (440 hp)
Battery capacity
66 kWh
75 kWh

Abarth 500ᵉ: the little electric city car

Abarth electric

The electric sedan electric sedan electric sedan combines performance and urban design. Its power gives it great acceleration. Its electric battery is perfectly suited to city driving conditions. For recharging, it supports 85 kW of DC power, ensuring fast, efficient charging. Its compact design, with a length of 3,673 mm and a trunk volume of 185 L, makes it ideal for urban drivers.

265 km
113 kW (155 hp)
Battery capacity
42 kWh

Jeep Avenger: the most European of American cars

Leasing Jeep Avenger

Launched just a few months ago, the Jeep Avenger marks a major step forward for the American manufacturer. Indeed, it is the first electric compact SUV in the entire electric Jeep range to comply with European market requirements. It allows the brand to enter the European market while continuing its commitment to electrification, while retaining Jeep's robust, distinctive attributes. It combines robustness and elegance, typical of European designs. With its quick-search capabilities, it is practical for everyday use as well as longer distances.

400 km
115 kW (156 hp)
Battery capacity
54 kWh

The Jeep Avenger is now available at Beev from 36 500 € and leasing at €521/month with no deposit.

Kia EV9: the huge electric SUV

Kia EV9 land

Presented in May 2023 at Frankfurt eMobility, the electric SUV stands out for its performance and efficiency. Its electric motor delivers a dynamic, responsive driving experience. Available in two large battery capacities, the Kia EV9 promises extended range.

The electric vehicle is also equipped with fast-charging options, making it easy to use on the move. In terms of design, the Kia EV9 boasts generous dimensions and a modern aesthetic, underlining its practical yet elegant character. With its two versions on offer, it's sure to delight all performance enthusiasts.


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Version Earth GT Line
497 km
521 km
150 kW (204 hp)
283 kW (385 hp)
Battery capacity
76.1 kWh
99.8 kWh

Renault Scenic e-Tech: the 100% electric station wagon

Renault Scenic e-Tech

First seen at the Munich Motor Show 2023the finalist for Car of the Year 2024 has all the makings of the perfect electric SUV electric SUV. With its spacious interior and generous dimensions - 4.47 m in length, 1.86 m, 1.57 m in height and a total weight of 1,842 kg.

The Renault Scenic e-Tech is perfectly suited to the needs of a five-person household, for example, with all its comforts and conveniences. Its rapid recharging on either alternating current (22 kW) or direct current (170 kW) is ideal for everyday use. Available in two versions, the model from the "Marque au losange" is expected early next year.


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Version Basic Long autonomy
420 km
625 km
125 kW (170 hp)
160 kW (220 hp)
Battery capacity
60 kWh
87 kWh

Peugeot e-3008

Peugeot e-3008 pricipale scaled
Version Basic (two-wheel drive) Four-wheel drive Long range (two-wheel drive)
525 km
525 km
700 km
157 kW (210 hp)
240 kW (320 hp)
170 kW (230 hp)
Battery capacity
73 kWh
73 kWh
98 kWh

Many of the models on display at the Toulouse Motor Show were electric or hybrid. Electricity in the automotive sector is gaining ground, and the French are becoming more and more enthusiastic about it. The ban on the production of combustion-powered vehicles from 2035 also explains this trend.

The 2023 edition in figures

salon automobile toulouse 23
auto-moto toulouse 23
  • 34 000 : the number of visitors to the five-day Toulouse Motor Show.


  • 40 % : the percentage increase in visitors over 2021, a record unmatched since the first edition.


  • 750 : the number of new, used, leisure and commercial vehicles on display at the show.


  • 1000 : the total number of sales concluded, both new and used.

A successful gamble for the Show, which is already looking forward to seeing you from November 7 to 11, 2025.

Beev was there!

To mark the occasion, Beev, France's leading electric vehicle and leasing of electric vehicles and charging stations, was present at this major automotive event. Sofia and Ronny, experts in charging stations and electric vehicles, were on hand to help private individuals and companies discover effective solutions for equipping them with charging stations or electric cars.

Ready to take the plunge? Contact our experts if you have any questions. We'll get back to you within the hour.

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