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All you need to know about Smart Electric

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The Smart project was born in 1990 from a simple idea: to create a simple, streamlined city car. It was spearheaded at the time by Nicolas Hayek, then President of Swatch, the Swiss watch manufacturer. In 1991, Volkswagen became interested in the project, but withdrew due to the economic crisis. Mercedes-Benz took over, having already worked on a similar concept in-house. The first prototypes saw the light of day in 1994. After a difficult start, the small car enjoyed commercial success in the cities, thanks in particular to its flagship model: the Smart Fortwo. Its big sister, the Smart Forfour, was launched in 2004. It was later redesigned in 2014 to make way for the Smart Forfour II, based on the Twingo III. Smart thus became a benchmark in terms of mini city cars. Today, Smart innovates by offering only 100% electric models: the Smart EQ Fortwo and the Smart EQ Forfour.

What are the main Smart electric car models?

Here is the list of 100% electric Smart models. Beev provides range and charging simulators, articles and video tests of all Smart electric models. All these tools will give you a more realistic view of the vehicle in question. Set off in search of your electric car!

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How much does an electric Smart cost?

The cheapest electric car sold by Smart Electric is the Smart EQ Fortwo, with a list price of €28,350. 

At its most expensive, the Smart #1 costs €39,990.

What's next for electric Smart cars?

In order to renew its electrified range, the German automaker intends to release one vehicle per year until 2024.

The next vehicle will be the coupé SUV named Smart #3. It is expected to have a 66 kWh battery with a 440 km range. It will be built in China and arrive on French roads in early 2024.

Smart #2 is also planned, to replace the Smart EQ Fortwo. The car will remain a small, all-purpose city car, although it may be entitled to a rear row and thus be a little larger than the current 2.70 meters.

For the moment, we have no further information on these two vehicles.

Our electric Smart tests

Which cable should you use to recharge your Tesla electric car?

Which cable should you use to recharge your Smart electric car?

To recharge your electric Smart, you need a T2 type 2 charging cable.  

This charging cable is ideal for charging all electric Smart cars. No matter which model you own:

  • Smart EQ ForTwo
  • Smart EQ ForTwo Cabrio
  • Smart #1

Choose your charging point for your electric Smart car

Electric Smart cars are compatible with standard charging stations:

  • 3.7 kW
  • 7.4 kW
  • 11 kW
  • 22 kW

To find the best charging station for your Smart electric vehicle at home or at work, we invite you to request a customized quotation. Select your Smart electric vehicle and find out which charging stations are right for your electric vehicle.

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