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Charging station in Montpellier: A metropolis making the energy transition!

Montpellier is set to accelerate the energy transition of the city's vehicle fleet. The city is in the process of becoming a ZFE (Zone à Faibles Emissions), the most polluting vehicles will no longer be allowed in the city from July 1, 2022, until 2028. The aim of this measure is to improve air quality and reduce CO2 emissions across the whole of France.

Montpellier is the second city in Occitanie to be affected by these measures, along with Toulouse. As of July 1, 11 communes in the Montpellier metropolitan area will be introducing the EPZ, including : 

  • Saint Jean de Védas 
  • Le Crès 
  • Lattes
  • Castelnau-le-Lez
  • Grabels 
  • Clapiers 
  • Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone 
  • Jacou
  • Juvignac 
  • Pérols 
  • And of course Montpellier 

As the most polluting vehicles gradually disappear, the city and its inhabitants will have to find solutions. This solution comes in the form of electric vehiclesrechargeable hybrids and hydrogen-powered vehicles. All three solutions require investment in recharging infrastructure, which the city has seized upon. More and more charging stations are being installed in the heart of the metropolis, much to the delight of users of clean vehicles! So if you'd like to join in the collective effort and install your own charging stations, this is the place to do it!

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ADVENIR aid rate and ceiling for charging points open to the public in private parking lots

Targets Charging power Rate of assistance Ceiling excl. VAT per recharging point
Private parking lot open to the public
AC all power ratings
30 %
1,000 EXCL. TAX
Private parking lot open to the public
DC all wattages
30 %
2,700 EXCL. TAX
Private parking lot open to the public - intermediate target (hotels, restaurants, shops)
AC all power ratings
30 %
700 excl. tax + €300 excl. tax surcharge for supervision, i.e. €1,000 excl. tax

IMPORTANT: these incentives for recharging points open to the general public in private parking lots and for the intermediate target group (hotels, restaurants and shops), will be withdrawn from the ADVENIR program on August 1, 2023.

The good news is that the ADVENIR program has been extended until 2025, with additional resources.

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