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Charging stations in Bordeaux

Like many metropolises in France, the city of Bordeaux is also committed to the ecological transition, using electric cars to get around. According to Avere-FranceNew Aquitaine is the 3ᵉ region with the most charging points, after the Île-de-France and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regions.

In January 2014, Bluecub, an electric car-sharing network in Bordeaux, had been launched for short journeys. But in 2020, due to the Covid-19 health crisis and low profitability of the service, Bluecub had to halt its activity. To cope with the explosion in demand, the Breton group Autopuz, which specializes in the sale of electric cars, decided to buy 220 charging stations from the Bluecub network. In fact, according to Bordeaux town hall, 65 of the former network's electric charging stations have already been integrated since March 2021. 

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Charging stations in Bordeaux: expanding the network of charging stations

The Bordeaux metropolitan area currently has :

  • 318 spaces equipped with charging stations in public parking lots managed by Metpark.
  •  17 fast-charging stations (64 charging points),
  •  1 accelerated charging station (2 charging points)
  •  67 slow-charge stations (174 charge points)

Despite the availability of charging stations, there are still only a limited number available for all EV (electric vehicle) drivers to recharge their vehicles.

The installation of charging stations in France continues to be a subject on which the government is looking for solutions, to keep pace with the growth in sales of electric cars.

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ADVENIR aid rate and ceiling for companies and public bodies

Targets Charging power Rate of assistance Ceiling excl. VAT per recharging point
Private parking for truck fleets
All powers combined
50 %
Between €2,200 and €960,000
Fleets and employees of short-term rental companies
All powers combined
20 %

IMPORTANT: these incentives for recharging points open to the general public in private parking lots and for the intermediate target group (hotels, restaurants and shops), have been withdrawn from the ADVENIR program since August 1, 2023.

The good news is that the ADVENIR program has been extended until 2025, with additional resources.

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