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The Beev manifesto

Simplify the car-buying process

When you start looking for a new car, everything gets complicated: you have to sell your existing car if you have one, read hundreds of articles and watch dozens of test drives to choose your car, and finally go and make an appointment at several dealerships and compare quotes, taking care not to get ripped off. We were bored just making the list! Now imagine that you want to switch to an electric car, and everything gets even more complicated and you're quickly discouraged: what battery power? Which model to choose? How do I recharge? What subsidies am I eligible for?

That's why we created Beev. It enables anyone to switch to an electric car without barriers, in complete transparency and at the best price.

Electricity for all

Electric vehicles are reputed to be more expensive than combustion engines. Well, that's not quite true. The main difficulty for any consumer is to project the savings over time. Did you know that an electric vehicle will cost you €2 per 100 km, compared with €11 for a combustion engine? And that the cost of maintaining your future electric car is much lower than that of a combustion vehicle? 

Beev centralizes the different offers within the same platform, allowing brands to compete with each other and thus lowering prices.

Better cities

At Beev, we're concerned about noise pollution and CO2 emissions in cities. We are confronted with the problems associated with combustion-powered cars: pollution, parking difficulties and noise pollution. It's becoming more and more complicated for polluting motorists to get around town, as new standards and municipal regulations become increasingly difficult to comply with. The compromise? The electric car.

The electric car now enables motorists to get around town at lower cost, given the price of recharging, and offers a new driving experience. Motorists are happy, and so are pedestrians: the air is more breathable and there's less noise. Perfect, isn't it?


We know that buying a car is a big commitment and represents a major effort for your household. Switching to an electric vehicle can be frightening, and we understand. Beev can help you choose the car that best suits your needs and budget. With our electric car experts, you're in good hands.