Fleet Manager - electric fleet management for companies

Fleet management made simple

Make the leap to sustainable mobility. Optimal management of your electric vehicles and charging stations has never been easier.

The benefits of our fleet management tool

Adopt a sustainable approach and strengthen your brand image.

A free tool

Beev offers you a 100% free tool

Simple to use

Manage your vehicles and charging stations hassle-free.

Follow-up 24h/24h

Monitor the status of your fleet and charging stations in real time.

Save of time

On the highlights of your fleet (interviews, end of contract, etc.)

Solutions for all professionals

Whether you're a small local business or a large international corporation, Beev has the solution to suit your needs. And yes, it's always free.

Efficiently make the power transition

With Beev, you benefit from a complete platform for a simplified energy transition and optimized electric fleet management. All free of charge.

Add your vehicles and drivers

Add your vehicles and drivers, so you can fill in your fleet information. Simply view your information on your dashboards: fleet and drivers, and the list of vehicles with information (make, model, type and duration of contract, mileage, registration...).

Calendar of reminders

Keep track of your revision schedule and have a clear view of your fleet's event reminders (maintenance and revision).

Want to manage your own fleet management tool?

Benefit from the support of an expert in low-emission mobility