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Beev simplifies your transition to electric vehicles with charging solutions for businesses or at home.

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We offer a complete recharging package: installation of charging stations, universal recharging cables and a 100% free recharging card.

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Our installers are IRVE-certified and approved to ensure high-quality, compliant installation. 

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Our team can take care of all your bollard installation subsidies, such as Advenir, the tax credit orlocal authority aid.

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The Beev recharge card gives you access to Europe's largest recharge network, for both private and business customers. 

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Mathieu Courtinot
Mathieu Courtinot
April 16, 2024

A top team! Perfect follow-up, unfailing availability and responsiveness... Beev worked miracles so that I could drive an electric car! I just explained what I wanted and they got on with it! If the whole team is as good as Alaé - who handled my file with a master's hand - don't hesitate any longer for your next purchase 😎👍🏻 No negative points to raise... companies for whom the customer is important are rare... Beev is clearly one of them! Thank you!🙏🏻

Frédéric Petit
Frédéric Petit
April 10, 2024

The installation went off without a hitch and the work was very clean. Unfortunately the bollard broke down, but after sending an e-mail to the after-sales service, I received a new bollard 2 days later, and it was installed within a week. Really very responsive and a serious company.

Marius Arnaud
Marius Arnaud
April 4, 2024

Very good experience. Mr Chaput, who took care of my project, was available and we were able to find a financing solution.

Patrick G
Patrick G
March 29, 2024

The installation went well, but we had to pay extra for additional drilling. The salesman had indicated this before signing the contract. Beev reimbursed the extra costs 3 months later.

March 28, 2024

Installation of the Wallbox charging point at my home. Deadline met: within 2 to 3 weeks Very professional and smiling IRVE technician. On time (even slightly early). Area : Savoie I recommend Beev

yves marec
yves marec
March 25, 2024

Super satisfied with my relations for the installation of my BEEV terminal Recommended salesman : Léo MIJON Very available, understanding and attentive to customer needs: 5 stars for lui⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The installation team was punctual, professional and explained their work and the operation of the bollard perfectly 👍

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How do I recharge an electric car?
There are different ways to recharge your electric car: from a household socket, a Green'Up socket, a Wallbox or charging points outside your home. It's up to you to find the one that suits you best.

It all depends on the charging station you use and the capacity of your electric car's batteries.

In practice, the recharging time for an electric car battery can vary from 10 hours to half an hour.

Sure, it takes longer than filling up a conventional car. But in the future, with the development of new solutions, it may only take a few minutes.

There are exactly 6 types of socket:

  • The household plug we all know!
  • Type 1 plug used mainly in Asia
  • Type 2 plugs now recognized as European standard
  • Type 3 plugs, the old standard in Europe
  • There are two standards for Type 4 sockets: the CHAdeMO socket, a Japanese standard compatible with Asian models, and the Combo socket, the European standard.

Your choice of charging station will depend on all these factors:

The electric vehicle you own

  • the maximum charging power accepted by your vehicle?

Frequency of vehicle use and recharging

  • The distance you travel every day.
  • The frequency of your refills

You can then choose from the following charging stations:

  • 3.7kW terminal: ~15km / hour charging
  • 7.4kW terminal: ~30km / hour charging
  • 11kW terminal: ~60km / hour charging
  • 22 kW terminal: ~120km / hour charging

To install one or more charging stations, you have access to the following assistance:

  1. ADVENIR incentives for the installation of charging stations.
  2. The tax credit
  3. Community support 
  4. Reduced VAT rate of 5.5

For more information: support for the installation of charging stations. 

Indeed, the ADVENIR program has recently announced an evolution.

On August 1, 2023, ADVENIR premiums for recharging points open to the public in private parking lots, including intermediate targets (hotels, restaurants and shops), will be abolished.

As a result, only premium applications signed before August 1, 2023 and before the limit of the dedicated budget of 5 million euros, will be taken into account by the ADVENIR program.