Beev was born of an observation

Going electric is a revolution. Beev is a team of experts at your side throughout your electric mobility project.

Making the transition to electric power can be time-consuming and complex. Beev's mission is to make your transition to electric as simple as possible.

Who are we?

Beev is a company operating since 2020 in the electric mobility and sustainable energy solutions sectors throughout France.

Through our core business, we are committed to accelerating the transition to cleaner, more sustainable mobility by making it easier for businesses and individuals to switch to electric power, notably through the adoption of electric vehicles and the installation of recharging infrastructures.

We are recognized by the organization for the unique register of insurance intermediaries (ORIAS) as a Broker in banking operations and payment services (COBSP) and as a Mandataire d'intermédiaire d'assurance (MIA).

Beev is also recognized by the French Ministry for Ecological and Solidarity Transition for its commitment to the environment, as demonstrated by our accreditation and our Greentech Innovation label. Beev is also in the process of obtaining B Corp certification (a label awarded to commercial companies that meet societal, environmental, governance and public transparency requirements).

We are dedicated to designing, marketing and deploying innovative solutions in France and, ultimately, in Europe, to encourage the use of electric mobility by businesses, local authorities and private individuals.

At the beginning of 2023, the Beev team includes over 30 passionate employees committed to facilitating the decarbonization of the European vehicle fleet. They are at the service of our customers, who include companies of all sizes, local authorities and individuals wishing to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and improve air quality by opting for cleaner mobility.

At Beev, we don't just sell electric vehicles and charging solutions; we offer a complete, integrated experience that facilitates our customers' energy transition. Our approach is user-centric, ensuring that each solution is tailored to their specific needs and contributes to a more sustainable society.

Our ambition

As a trusted partner to over 2,000 customers by the end of 2023, Beev deeply understands the challenges faced by fleet managers, corporate executives and private individuals in making the switch to electric.

Our approach is that of a fully integrated supplier of electric mobility solutions:

Fleet Manager for multi-engine fleet management, including TCO
A Car Policy generator thanks to AI
A range of multi-brand electric vehicles for long-term leasing (LLD) and leasing with option to purchase (LOA).
Installation of recharging infrastructure at company site(s), on employees' and private customers' premises
Management of your charging station fleet, using our supervision tool to manage the availability, occupancy and billing of your charging stations.

Beev's long-term ambition is to become the ideal electric mobility partner for as many people as possible: personalized, proactive and comprehensive, facilitating the ecological transition of our users on a daily basis.

Our objectives

This vision has three main objectives:

1. Facilitate our users' access to clean, sustainable mobility, while focusing on key issues such as reducing carbon footprints and improving environmental quality;

2. Help companies of all sizes to improve their environmental performance. This is done by investing intelligently in electric mobility and employee well-being, which helps attract and retain talent while reducing the ecological footprint;

3. Minimize the total cost of ownership of electric vehicles and associated services, while improving quality, through the integration of advanced technologies (such as intelligent fleet management and charging infrastructure solutions, and the use of artificial intelligence).

The founders

Chanez Djoudi

Chanez worked for many years in the automotive industry, and has been working for years to make our use of cars more environmentally friendly.

Solal Botbol

An automotive enthusiast, Solal worked for Smart Me Up, a visual recognition solution acquired by Fiat/Chrysler.

Between our customers and us, it's love at first sight!

Based on 318 reviews
gilles bakouche
gilles bakouche
July 17, 2024

I was managed by Léo I would like to thank him for his seriousness, his sound advice and his responsiveness in managing my file.

Jean-Claude Feydieu
Jean-Claude Feydieu
July 16, 2024

As a new user of a BEEV terminal, I can only recommend it. The equipment is simple, reliable and connected, and lives up to its sales promises. The installation was carried out with great care and attention to detail, in line with my initial requirements, so that everything was invisible apart from the bollard! The installers really took their time to study the case and find the best solutions. My contact, Sabri, who managed the project from A to Z, is particularly responsive and very professional, not to mention friendly. The 5 stars are more than deserved for the whole service, bravo to Beev.

Aloyse Ndiaye
Aloyse Ndiaye
July 15, 2024

A true electric vehicle specialist who gives great advice 🙂

Wor ld
Wor ld
July 13, 2024

Good experience, reliability, power and quality of the terminal will ensure a long life!

Jonathan Del Pin
Jonathan Del Pin
July 12, 2024

Very professional, I worked with Léonard on the leasing part and his advice was invaluable and his responsiveness excellent. I recommend him without hesitation.

Damien Le Du
Damien Le Du
July 11, 2024

Pulsar+ bollard installation at a private home in the Yvelines. Top sales service, very good communication. Very efficient electrician, also very good communication and very good advice. Thanks for everything.