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Renault Megane e-Tech

Rediscover the freedom to drive around town and everywhere else with a compact electric car.

Electric compacts are perfect road companions for medium-sized journeys

Electric cars are booming in France. Their ever-increasing range and efficiency make them perfect for city dwellers. Which compact electric car is right for you? We've ranked the best compact electric cars here.

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Beev offers multi-brand 100% electric vehicles at the best prices, as well as recharging solutions.

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The Nissan Leaf is the best-selling 0 CO2 emission vehicle on the planet. It may not make the headlines like Tesla, but it offers its owners the [...]

Hyundai IONIQ Electric 38 kWh

In 2019, Hyundai returns to the forefront with a restyled version of its IONIQ Electric. This second phase brings its share of new features. Based on our current price list, the [...]

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