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Beev helps small business owners switch to a 100% electric fleet

The transition to a 100% electric fleet can seem stressful and complicated, given the financial impact it represents for your company. Fortunately, Beev is here to help you overcome these challenges, so you can focus on what really matters: your business.

Beev supports small business owners in the transition of their fleets towards more sustainable mobility. From the acquisition of electric vehicles to the installation of charging stations. Beev's experts are there to assist you in every aspect of your project, to ensure you make the right choice.

Several hundred small businesses have gone electric with Beev

Why should a small business go electric?

As a small business owner, benefit from the support of an expert in low-emission mobility.

In-store charging stations enable customers to recharge their electric vehicles while they wait, enhancing their customer experience and your appeal.

Ready to go green?

Our selection of electric vehicles for small businesses

Equip yourself with charging stations

Beev is the only company to offer you an à la carte service for the installation of charging stations.

In your offices

Your employees

As a small business manager, stay in control and manage your fleet

Our partners

Beev Resources for electrifying your fleet

They chose Beev to electrify their fleet

You too can find
electric car that best suits your needs

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Thanks to our extensive network of partners, the Beev team can offer you the best commercial deals (purchase or leasing), shortened delivery times and invaluable advice to make your energy transition a success.

Save time and devote your energy to developing your business.

Beev wants to create an ecosystem around electric mobility to make your energy transition a success, with :

  • electric vehicles
  • installation of charging stations
  • Beev recharge card

Beev's service is 100% free! Beev is a team of experts whose mission is to help you find your 100% electric vehicle, and to find you the best deal on financing, insurance and recharging, free of charge and in complete transparency.

To facilitate and encourage the switch to electric vehicles, the French government has introduced a number of financial incentives for both private individuals and professionals, including :

  • environmental bonus
  • conversion premium
  • Advenir premium
  • tax credit
  • regional aids
  • reduced VAT rate