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Join the Beev IRVE installer network

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With Beev, increase your efficiency and develop your expertise.

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Being a Beev partner means...

Accelerating the deployment of charging stations

Accelerating the deployment of charging stations in France

Facilitating the partnership process

Facilitate the process, from customer contact to terminal installation

Upgrade your skills

Increase your skills, boost your visibility and expand your network

Develop IRVE installer partner business

Expand your business with a trusted partner

Hundreds of companies and individuals place their trust in us

Why partner with Beev?

With a 100% free partnership, there are many reasons to join our network of IRVE installers, including :

  • Beev attracts over 300,000 visitors a month who want to switch to electric mobility. We'll be able to expand your customer portfolio.
  • beev is recognized and supported by the French Ministry of Ecological Transition and Solidarity with the GreenTech Innovation label.
  • Being incubated in the Total program at Station F, the world's largest start-up, Beev is able to share its extensive network with you. 
  • beev takes care of everything: our Beev experts take care of the entire sales process from A to Z. This allows you to concentrate solely on your core business. In this way, the installer who works with Beev only has to install the terminal on the customer's premises.

They support us

Your questions about partnership

When you work with us, we've thought of everything to make your day-to-day life easier: 

  • management of the ADVENIR premium With our ADVENIR-certified offers and your Qualifelec certification, we are able to support our customers in the installation of their charging infrastructure from start to finish.
  • 100% digital process: no need to go anywhere, everything can be done online!
  • quality equipment: all recharging equipment will be supplied to you on time 
  • enhance your skills, boost your visibility and develop your network

Our network of IRVE installers operates throughout France, for both private individuals and professionals: 

  • retail (BtoC) :
    • single-family and secondary homes
    • condominium 
  • professionals (BtoB): 
    • hotels 
    • restaurants 
    • employees 
    • campsites 
    • transport and logistics
    • communities

Becoming a Beev partner is easy: 

  1. Fill in the questionnaire. It takes less than a minute to complete.
  2. The partnership manager will contact you to discuss the future collaboration, explain the concept and answer any questions you may have. 
  3. You will be asked to provide the following documents 
    1. RC Decennale and RC Pro insurance
    2. Kbis
    3. Qualifelec 1, 2 and 3 certification
  4. Setting up unit price lists

To find out more : how to become an IRVE installer?

During the partnership, Beev takes care of simplifying the process, including : 

  • 100% digital follow-up: for fast, high-quality follow-up, everything happens online!
  • benefit from technical support: Beev's experts are at your disposal for all technical aspects of recharging. 
  • Beev will create a customized report for you
  • payment is due 30 days after receipt of invoice.

Beev has been around since 2019. Over the years, Beev has created and developed a concept that gives French people easy access to electric mobility, offering : 

Find out more : WHO WE ARE ?

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