Beev helps small business owners switch to a 100% electric fleet

Beev helps you make the gradual transition to a fleet of fully electric vehicles, stress-free. We support you from A to Z, from purchasing your vehicles to installing charging stations, to ensure you make the right decisions without impacting your business.

Hundreds of SMEs have gone electric with Beev

What is an electric car?

An electric car is a vehicle whose engine runs on a battery or fuel cell powered by electricity. It therefore carries high-capacity batteries that must be recharged at a fixed terminal. Electric vehicles produce neither fine particles nor noise during operation. This is why they are known as "zero-emission" vehicles.

Electrifying your fleet as a small business manager

In-store charging stations enable customers to recharge their electric vehicles while they wait, enhancing their customer experience and your appeal.

A comprehensive service designed to save time for small business managers

Ready to go green?

Our selection of electric vehicles for SMEs

Equip yourself with charging stations

Beev is the only player to offer SME managers an à la carte solution for the installation of charging stations.

Stay in control of your fleet

Beev Resources for electrifying your fleet

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You too can find
electric car that best suits your needs

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Thanks to our extensive network of partners, the Beev team can offer you the best commercial deals (purchase or leasing), shortened delivery times and invaluable advice to make your energy transition a success.

Cost effectiveness

Buying your car or van requires a high initial investment with no prospect of profit. When you lease, you get a reliable new vehicle for a limited time at fixed monthly rates.

In other words, you don't have to sacrifice valuable capital to finance your company car! What's more, leasing is generally less expensive than buying a vehicle.

A complete package for perfect peace of mind

With leasing, you benefit from a contract that covers all your vehicle's maintenance costs. Long-term leasing saves you a lot of hassle and time-consuming administrative tasks. Your business can continue to develop with peace of mind, and you'll have the peace of mind you need to concentrate on your core business.

Tailor-made solutions

Are you expanding your team and needing more vehicles? Or do you simply want monthly rates that are easy to manage? Leasing offers flexibility, scalability and control - an invaluable advantage in an uncertain future. You choose the lease term and tailor the contract to your needs and budget. All you have to do is concentrate on what's important: your business.

Beev's service is 100% free! Beev is a team of experts whose mission is to help you find your 100% electric vehicle, and to find you the best deal on financing, insurance and recharging, free of charge and in complete transparency.

To facilitate and encourage the switch to electric vehicles, the French government has introduced a number of financial incentives for both private individuals and professionals, including :

  • environmental bonus
  • conversion premium
  • Advenir premium
  • tax credit
  • regional aids
  • reduced VAT rate