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Alae-Eddine Mahmoudi

Your specialist in electric mobility, leasing and long-term leasing

About me:

My decision to join Beev stems from my relentless quest for innovation and professional growth.

It embodies a bold and innovative vision to revolutionize the transition to electric. Beev offers fertile ground for my skills to flourish, perfectly aligning its values with my aspirations.

This adventure is much more than just a job; it's an immersion in the unknown, propelled by innovation and the determination to make a significant impact.

My favorite car and why :

  • The Lotus ELETRE brilliantly combines iconic Lotus styling with revolutionary electric performance.
  • Its aerodynamic design and luxurious interior define a new era for sporty electric cars.
  • Lend yourself to an unparalleled driving experience, where power and elegance converge to create a contemporary icon on the road.

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