Recharging your electric car with green energy: a good option?

Recharging your electric car with green energy a good option

Many drivers are opting for electric vehiclesmotivated by ecological convictions or the desire to save money.


However, the environmental efficiency of electric vehicles also depends on the energy source used to charge them. While more and more people are turning to electric cars for economic reasons, the ecological aspect remains crucial for the public and businesses alike, highlighting theimportance of energy sourcing.

So, to take this eco-responsible approach even further, it is possible to opt for recharging from renewable energy sources.

Today, the diversification of electricity sources offers a glimmer of hope, gradually reducing our dependence on nuclear power and fossil fuels. Natural resources are now being harnessed to generate sustainable energy, thus preserving our planet, such as :

  • water,
  • the wind, 
  • the sun, 
  • and organic materials 


However, despite the diversity of offers available on the market, there is still the question of the availability and cost of this option. Is it really feasible to use only green energy to recharge your electric car?


💡Did you know? In France, we enjoy a very advantageous situation thanks to the use of nuclear power and renewable energies, which puts us in an enviable position compared to our German neighbors. France has CO2 emissions equivalent to 42 g/kWh, nine times lower than Germany's 362 g/kWh.

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What is green energy?

Green electricity, also known asrenewable energyis generated from environmentally-friendly sourcessources, offering a sustainable and ecological alternative to traditional electrical energy..


Each green electricity supplier selects a specific renewable energy source to offer its services. These sources can include: 

  • the biomass,
  • of wind farms,
  • from hydraulic turbines,
  • or even photovoltaic panels.


What's more, green electricity offers a number of major advantages: 

  • participation in gas emissions,
  • promoting the variety of energy sources,
  • reinforcement security and energyenergy independence,
  • contribution to the fight against climate change,
  • and reducing dependence on fossil fuels.


Indeed, when we refer to "green energy", it's not a trivial matter. In fact, the carbon footprint is irrefutable: 

  • 22 g CO2/km for wind power and 78 g CO2/km for solar power CO2 emissions,
  • 430 g CO2/km for gas and over 1,000 g CO2/km for coal. CO2 emissions.


If you didn't know, by 2030France France plans to generate 40% of its electricity from renewable sourcesaccording to the French Ministry of Ecological Transition. According to estimates, this will lead to a reduction in harmful effects on the ecosystem by around 5%..

Exponential growth in recent years

According to data from the International Energy Agency (IEA), global renewable energy capacity capacity from renewable sources is expected to increase by 50% between between 2019 and 2024, with solarphotovoltaic solar energy accounting for 60% of this growth.

Here's a breakdown of world electricity production in the form of a pie chart, illustrating each type of energy source: 

graphic er

Source IEA, 2019 data


At present, only 20% of the energy consumed in the European Union comes from renewable sources. Although this figure has more than doubled since 2004, it remains insufficient.

Renewable energies in France come in a multitude of forms. Although biomass and hydropower are the most developed, others such as wind power and heat pumpswind power and heat pumps have made rapid progress in recent years.


Here is a table summarizing the share of renewable energies according to the 3 most important types of green electricity we can find on the territory. 

Nature of renewable green energy Share of green electricity production in France Share of electricity production per year
Wind energy
Solar energy

Source Engie


According to an ADEME study on green energy, 96% recognize their benefits for the environment, and 64% would be prepared to pay more for this transition.

Despite green energy offers from suppliers, domestic production remains limited. Producing green energy at home is therefore a solution for reducing the ecological footprint of electric cars.

What does this type of electricity offer?

Although some components of green electricity generation plants require rare materials, their environmental and social impact remains much lower than that of nuclear and coal.

An energy supplier claiming to supply green electricity must justify the origin of this energy and guarantee that it will be injected into the grid in a quantity equivalent to that marketed. In other words, every kilowatt-hour consumed by a customer must correspond to the production of one kilowatt-hour of green energy.

To do this, it can obtain an electronic certificate of guarantee of origin (GO). This certificate, issued by Powernextis subject to audits to verify the actual use of renewable energy. This certificate, which is valid for valid for one yearstates:

  • type, date and location of energy production, 
  • but also plant capacity.

In short, having this certificate ensures transparency and traceability of the origin of the electricity supplied. It also implies that the supplier is committed to feeding back into the grid the same quantity of electricity sold to its customers.

But that's not all: in addition to this certification, theADEMEthe agency in charge of energy transition, has introduced the VertVolt label to assess suppliers' commitment to remunerating renewable energy producers in France.


This label distinguishes suppliers' offers according to 2 levels of commitment:

  • The "committed" contract the supplier buys a quantity of electricity equivalent to that which it sells, from renewable energy producers in France, in addition to guarantee of origin certificates.
  • Highly committed the supplier buys as much renewable energy in France as it sells electricity, at least 25% of which comes from recent installations initiated by local authorities with shared governance or by other players without public support.

Can I use green electricity to recharge my electric vehicle?

Opting for an electric car is an environmentally eco-responsible decisionefficient way of reducing yourcarbon footprint. Its association with renewable energy sources accentuates this commitment. Both the public and the French government are showing a keen interest in these alternatives, pointing to an increase in the number of electric vehicles connected to renewable energies.


💡Did you know ? If you have solar panels at home, you can install a charging station and an energy control system so that your electric car recharges only when your solar panels are generating electricity.


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What's more, green electricity suppliers are not necessarily more expensive than others. They offer the chance to benefit from clean, locally-produced energy.


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In short, the ecological transition is achieved by changing the energy mix and adopting more appropriate consumption patterns. By subscribing to a green electricity offer that is more respectful of the environment, you are making an active commitment to this ecological transition.

green energy

Green energy offers available

As previously stated, making an electric car part of your daily routine is a resolutely forward-looking choice. To maximize its ecological impact, it's crucial to recharge it with green energy.


Fortunately, many suppliers offer electricity from renewable sources. To list just a few, here are 3 of the green energy offers for charging your electric car in 2024. 


Ekwateur is a French energy supplier that stands out for its transparency and commitment to renewable energies.


Here's what's special about this energy supplier:


  • 100% renewable electricity: The electricity supplied comes from French renewable sources (hydro, wind, solar) thanks to Guarantees of Origin.
  • Clear, competitive price per kWh excl. Our offer includes fixed and variable kWh prices.
  • No bi-temporal pricing Unlike some of our competitors, Ekwateur does not offer electricity prices that vary according to off-peak and peak times.
  • Online customer service only Customer service: contract management and customer service are exclusively online via their website.
  • Offers based on transparency Transparency: Ekwateur customers can choose the origin of their electricity, whether from France or Europe, enabling them to better understand and control their environmental impact.
  • Active participation: Ekwateur promotes a collaborative model where customers can actively participate in the energy transition. They offer energy bonuses and schemes like Certificats d'Économies d'Énergie (CEE) to encourage energy renovations.


Ekwateur also offers a range of 100% green electricity products: 


  • Variable offer This offer includes electricity from wind turbines, photovoltaic panels and hydroelectric dams. Prices may vary according to market conditions.
  • Fixed-rate offer For those who prefer rate stability, Ekwateur also offers contracts with fixed rates over a defined period.
  • 100% renewable gas We are a pioneer in the distribution of 100% renewable gas, enabling customers to reduce their carbon footprint even for heating and cooking.

Octopus Energy

Octopus Energy is a French electricity supplier offering green electricity at competitive prices. 

But that's not all: the company's commitment to renewable energy, its ecological certifications, and its varied offerings tailored to the needs of environmentally-conscious consumers are all part of its approach. 


Here's what they propose:


  • Attractive price The "Eco-Conso Fixe" offer (with fixed prices until 2025) is currently 22% cheaper than the regulated sales tariff in France, i.e. a price per kWh excluding tax of €0.2018 (in May 2024).
  • Special offer for electric vehicles Happy Charge is a special offer for electric vehicle owners, with a special price structure.
  • Green electricity All electricity supplied by Octopus Energy comes from French renewable sources (24.6% photovoltaic and 25.4% wind power).


Note that Octopus Energy, which has been awarded the "committed" VertVolt label, also offers tariffs that fluctuate according to the wholesale electricity market. These offers can save you money if you adapt your consumption to off-peak hours.


Bellenergie is another French green electricity supplier, offering fixed-price electricity at competitive prices. 

In 2024, La Bellenergie is offering 3 main electricity packages, all based on a fixed price for a set period of time, giving customers stable, predictable rates. 


Here are their special features:


  • Competitive prices The "Constance" offer, which is one of 2 offers (along with "Prudence" and "Garance"), has a price per kWh excluding VAT of €0.1992, which is lower than the regulated sales tariff in France (in May 2024).
  • Fixed-price contracts Bellenergie offers two-year fixed-price electricity contracts, protecting you from fluctuations in the electricity market.
  • 100% French green electricity All electricity supplied by la belle énergie comes from French renewable sources (hydro, wind, solar).
  • Customize Customization: Customize your offer to suit your needs, including contract duration and electricity source (more expensive option for exact region).


Its various offers are 20% cheaper than the regulated tariff, offering substantial savings while supporting renewable energies. The supplier also manages subscriptions and acts as the interface between consumers and Enedis, France's electricity grid operator.


Charging your electric vehicle with green energy is an excellent way to reduce your overall environmental impact. By choosing green energy, you're contributing to the energy transition and helping to build a more sustainable future. 


In addition to the positive impact on the environment, using green energy to recharge your electric car can also lead to long-term financial savings, while supporting the development of more sustainable and accessible charging infrastructures. 


Every little bit counts, and together we can make a big difference to our planet.

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