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Auto China 2024: Chinese cars shake up the West

Auto China 2024: China's new cars will thrill the West

In this age of the automobile, the Chinese industry is taking off with a host of new electric cars emerging on the world market. These vehicles, once seen as followers, are now emerging as major major competitorsready to rival the established giants of the automotive industry.

To put this in context, China's electric vehicle sector has enjoyed phenomenal growth in recent years, with a global market share of 69% by December 2023 and no fewer than 129 electric vehicle brands. Chinese automakers are now going global, and are considered the most competitive in the world, according to Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla.

And the figures bear this out: in the first quarter of 2024, Chinese car production in China rose by 6.4%, while the while sales sales rose by 10.6% compared year-on-year. According to the Chinese Automobile Association, overall vehicle sales in China are expected to pass the 31 million units in 2024with a increase of more than 3 %.

This being said, since 1990 and every 2 years, a car show has been held in China to showcase the latest technological advances and trends in the automotive industry. This year, this major automotive event took place from April 25 to May 4, 2024. The show, namedAuto China"will be unveiling new vehicle models, and much more besides. These models are mainly electric, and a considerable number of them are due to make their appearance in Europe in the near future.

But what makes these new Chinese cars so formidable for Western players? 

In this article, we will talk about this car show and explore the new brands, technological technological advancesinnovative innovative designs as well as marketing strategies that propel these Chinese cars to the forefront of the world stage.

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What is the Beijing Motor Show all about?

The renowned car show Auto Chinaalso known as Beijing International Automotive Exhibitionis an influential event in the industry. After a 4-year hiatus due to the pandemicthe Beijing Motor Show made a comeback, showcasing Chinese brands that are now outperforming their foreign rivals in the transition to electric vehicles.

For its 18th editionthe show was profiled under the slogan "New Era, New Car". New era, New car ". This event is held regularly in Shanghai and at the China International Exhibition Center (CIEC) in Beijingattracting professionals from all over the world. Various players exhibit their products and services, attracting a wide range of audiences, from industry leaders to car enthusiasts, such as :

  • equipment manufacturers, 
  • service providers, 
  • technology companies,
  • and carmakers.

This year, the statistics are breathtaking: 

  • 41 concept cars,
  • 120 new models,
  • 1,500 exhibitors on 230,000 m², 
  • 278 new-energy models presented,
  • and 117 new models unveiled as world premieres.


💡Did you know? Elon Musk quietly went to China before this show to persuade the Chinese authorities to grant him access to data from Tesla's Chinese fleet in order to perfect his Driver Assistance System (DAS) in the USA.

Chinese electric cars showcased at Auto China 2024

At Auto China 2024, the automotive world witnessed an electric revolution, with a dazzling display of the latest innovations from Chinese automakers. These electric vehicles embody the boldness and determination of the Chinese automotive industry to compete on the world stage. From impressive modelsequipped with cutting-edge technologiescaptured the attention of visitors, offering a glimpse of what the future holds in terms of sustainable mobility and electric performance. Here are the models that attracted the most attention.

Xiaomi - SU7

xiaomi su7

At this year's Beijing Motor Show, Xiaomi's SU7 shines unmistakably among all the other models, sporting a design reminiscent of a German luxury sports carstrongly reminiscent of the Porsche Taycan. Indeed, the launch of the electric sedan Xiaomi SU7 electric sedan at the end of March attracted immediate attention, even on an international scale. Intense demand for this model even led the manufacturer to call an emergency meeting with suppliers to reassess agreed volumes.

What's more, nearly 76,000 pre-orders were registered in less than a month after the launch of the SU7. What's more, Lei Jun announced during the show that his company had delivered some 6,000 examples of the vehicle just 28 days after its launch.

While this is a fine performance, it is still insufficient to meet demand. Despite this, Lei Jun anticipates delivery capacity of 10,000 vehicles per month from June onwards.. This delivery target would be "a record for an electric vehicle start-up".

For a full description of this electric vehicle and all its features, please see our article Xiaomi SU7: the first electric car from the Chinese operator.

Fang Cheng Bao - Super 9

Fang Cheng Baoa prestigious affiliated high-end brand of BYDis distinguished by its premium models for the Chinese market.

In fact, in the vast range of brands owned by Chinese automotive giant BYD, Fang Cheng Bao occupies an intermediate position between YangWang and Denza. between YangWang and Denza. Although this brand currently offers just one model, the Leopard 5 SUVit seems to be aiming for the next level with the introduction of an iconic model, in addition to another announced plug-in hybrid SUV, the Bao 8.

That said, although the brand initially focused its early models on large SUVs, it has now revealed a roadster or speedster sports car named Super 9 at this spectacular event.

This electric car boasts a bold design, including : 

  • the absence of a windshield, 
  • distinctive LED headlights,
  • competition-inspired steering wheel,
  • and wheels with a central locking system,
  • curved bumpers with imposing air intakes,
  • cameras replacing conventional exterior mirrors,
  • and seats separated by a carbon-fiber monocoque structure.

The announcement of this concept was lacked explanation in terms of technical specifications. However, we can imagine a powerful electric motor and a large battery under the long hood. Although still only a concept, a production version is in preparation under the name of Bao 9.

MG - EXE181

MG - EXE181

As the wait continues for the European version of the Cyberster convertible, which is supposed to improve the brand's image on the European market, MG surprises at the 2024 Beijing Motor Show with an impressive impressive concept carfeaturing the characteristics of an electric supercar.

Named "EXE181"named after the EX 181, an MG designed for speed records in 1959. This car reached an impressive speed of around 410 km/h thanks to a 300 hp engine.

Although MG is not revealing any images of the concept car's interior, it is confirmed that the driver's seat driver's seat occupies the entire interior spaceThe driver's seat occupies all the space inside, standing alone in the center of the cockpit. But that's not all, this futuristic electric vehicle features, among other things:

  • 4 electric motors,
  • a yoke steering wheel, 
  • an integrated touchscreen for access to various functions. 

Unlike its combustion-powered predecessor, the new supercar is equipped with an electric powertrain, the power of which remains unknown. With a drag coefficient limited to 0.18it is perfectly suited to very high speeds, and could reach 100 km/h in less than 2 seconds.

Wuling - Bingo More

Wuling - Bingo More

Wuling Motors has officially unveiled the Bingo Plusits new electric SUV electric SUV. Scheduled to hit the Chinese market in the first half of the year, it will compete directly with the BYD Dolphinalthough smaller, this vehicle is undoubtedly the most affordable at the show. In fact, it could be marketed for less than 100,000 yuan, or around 13 000 €.

According to the information supplied, the front electric motor delivers a power of 75 kW and delivers maximum torque of 180 Nm. In addition, its battery has a capacity of 50.6 kWhwith a range of over 400 km.

The upcoming launch of the Wuling Bingo Plus illustrates Wuling Motors' commitment to offering affordable electric cars. This ground-breaking model will appeal to enthusiasts of compact, economical cars.

Are Chinese manufacturers beginning to overshadow Europeans?

Western countries Western countries are worried about the rapid growth of Chinese electric vehicle productionfearing for the future of their own automakers.

The price war

This event takes place in a highly highly competitive environment characterized by excess capacity and falling prices over the past 1 year.

For example, Li Autobased in Beijing, reduced its vehicle prices by up to 30,000 yuan (around €4,000), in response to Tesla's decision to reduce prices in China by 14,000 yuan.

So, according to Chinese electric car makers, it was Tesla that initiated the price competition, leading all the others to follow.

Beijing has dismissed foreign concerns about overcapacity in China, claiming that the success of its electric car industry is the result of innovation and strong supply chains.innovation and strong supply chainsrather than through subsidies.

Nevertheless, the Chinese government has supported its manufacturers by offering purchase incentives to stimulate the market and promote clean vehicleswith subsidies phased out by the end of 2022.

The EU launched an investigation into these subsidies last year, alleging that they had given Chinese companies an unfair advantage in their home market.

On the BYD stand at the show, a representative said that the period of period of falling prices is overand that, in his opinion unlikely that prices will fall any further. In parallel, BYD has decided to start building its electric car factory in Hungarybecoming the leading Chinese manufacturer of passenger cars in Europe. But that's not all: Chinese state-owned company Chery recently signed an agreement to manufacture electric cars in Spain.

Actions taken by European manufacturers

For European companies seeking to compete in the Chinese market, this now represents a major challenge, but also a major challenge. China is now a major player in the major player in the automotive industry.

Western giants are competing with local newcomers such as BYD and Nio. It would even appear that Volkswagen and Stellantis admit they are lagging behind and believe that the best strategy for taking the lead is to ally themselves with these Chinese players.

For example, Volkswagen recently unveiled a strategic plan to boost sales in China, which account for 40% of its worldwide sales. Having lost its leadership position in China last year to BYD, having itself beaten Tesla to the 4ᵉ quarter of 2023, the German giant plans :

  • the launch of an 20,000 electric car in this market,
  • and 40% savings on production costs of electric vehicles in China by 2026.

As we've seen, China's presence in the automotive market is only just beginning. This is crystallized by the fact that even the Chinese Automobile Manufacturers Association admits its ignorance as to the exact number of vehicle brands present in the country.


The Auto China 2024 show was the opportunity to discover a new generation of Chinese cars that have enough to make Western manufacturers tremble. More sophisticated, more innovative and more affordable than ever, these models have the potential to appeal to a wide audience across the blog.

In conclusion, the arrival of Chinese cars is a major trend that will shake up the automotive landscape. It's too early to say whether they'll succeed in supplanting Western manufacturers, but one thing's for sure: they're enough to make them shudder.

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