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Volvo EX30: the long-awaited small electric SUV

Volvo EX30 side

Announced at the end of last year, the Volvo EX30 is finally on the market. It's an electric SUV aimed at the Z generation for both urban and rural travel. As promised by the brand's CEO, it's an affordable electric vehicle, with a price starting at €37,500. But then what do we expect from this electric car ?

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What's in store for the Volvo EX30 SUV?

After the announcement of the Volvo EX90a large 7-seater electric SUV due to go into production at the end of 2023, it's time to look at the EX30 model. Based on the same platform as the Smart #1 called SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture), manufactured by Geely, the Volvo EX30 will be an electric SUV 4.23 meters in length. It will therefore be perfect for getting around and parking in the city center, but also for longer journeys on the outskirts.


Of course, if we're going to be making daily trips between rural and urban areas, you need a vehicle that will allow you to cover a lot of kilometers on a single charge. That's why VolvoJim Rowan, has announced plans for a "decent" range for a small, compact electric compact electric SUV. For the entry-level version with the "Single Motor" engine, it will be possible to cover 344 km on a single charge on the WLTP (combined) cycle , and up to 475 km for 100% urban use. The 51 kW battery is accompanied by 272 hp of engine power in the entry-level version, with a second motor as offered by the Smart #1.

Inside the Volvo EX30

Enjoy an interior that's more than comfortable, with a host of features.
Firstly, you can personalize your interior according to the model you choose, with four different ambiances. The materials used are all recycled to give a second life to wool, linen or even jeans. Still on the subject of material durability, this compact electric SUV uses 30% less steel and aluminum than the brand's larger SUVs.

Inspired by Swedish nature, the interior of your Volvo EX30 will provide you with calm and serenity thanks to ambient lighting and sound effects.

There's also a central screen, now a must for electric cars. Volvo has created a new user interface to make driving easier for drivers. On the technology side, Google is directly integrated and it's also connected to 5G. Finally, enjoy your favorite music with a sound bar that can replace six speakers.

What versions of the Volvo EX30 are available?

Finishes Available engines Autonomy (WTLP mixed) Price
Single Motor / Single Motor Extended Range
344 km / 480 km
37 500 € / 41 700 €
Single Motor Standard / Single Motor Extended Range / Twin Motor Performance
344 km / 480 km / 460 km
40 450 € / 45 000 € / 49 250 €
Single Motor Extended Range / Twin Motor Performance
480 km / 460 km
47 950 € / 52 200 €

The perfect Volvo EX30 for Gen Z?

Jim Rowan, Managing Director of VolvoJim Rowan, Volvo's Managing Director, revealed that he wanted to focus on Generation Z with the launch of this vehicle. He pointed out that the brand had never addressed the 18-20 age group before, and that it wanted to move in this direction. However, one wonders whether young people will really be able to afford to buy a Volvo as their first electric carknowing that the average age of a French car buyer is 56. We can only hope that monthly prices for for long-term leasing (long-term leasing) will be attractive enough to encourage young people to choose this urban electric SUV.


Volvo wants to create a bond between its youngest buyers and its vehicles. Jim Rowan says in his interview with Top Gear "if we do our job right, we'll keep them and trade them in, because if they get married, have kids and a dog, they'll want a second car...". To achieve this, the brand intends to offer a competitive price and a subscription system that allows customers to rent a car without going through a dealership.

For the list price, the Volvo EX30 Single Motor Start starts at starting at €37,500. This makes it eligible for the environmental bonus as well as the conversion bonus. It is also available for long-term leasing (LLD) at a monthly cost of €477 for 49 months and 10,000 km per year.


In conclusion, this compact electric SUV has high ambitions in terms of both performance and durability. With a range of 475 km in urban driving, and driving and parking assistance, the Volvo EX30 will make your daily drive pleasant and relaxing.

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