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The 10 must-have apps for Tesla drivers in 2024

The 10 must-have apps for Tesla drivers in 2024

Are you ready to maximize your driving experience with your Tesla in 2024? In the age of electromobility, apps play a crucial role in making every journey smarter, safer and more entertaining.

Indeed, owners of Tesla experience and optimize the functionalities of their electric vehicles. electric vehicles. The growing popularity of Tesla cars has led to a significant increase in the number of applications designed to complement this unique automobile. From now on, whether you want to plan your route, locate charging stations or optimize the use of your electric car, it's all possible thanks to the apps we're about to introduce.

In this article, get ready to discover a world of intuitive features, enhanced comfort and optimized performance.

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Applications for electric vehicle owners

Apps for electric vehicles are designed to simplify daily life and enrich the user experience, especially for Tesla owners. Various apps offer a wide range of features to simplify travel and make it easier to find the perfect vehicle at the right price.

Here are the advantages offered by these applications: 

  • Charging management Drivers can locate the nearest recharging stations, plan their journeys according to available charging points, and even initiate the recharging process remotely for greater convenience.
  • Performance monitoring Applications can be used to monitor battery charge status and driving statistics in real time, and even optimize the vehicle's energy efficiency to extend its range.
  • Service integration Some applications offer advanced features such as charging station reservation, integrated payment or access to special offers on electric vehicle services.
  • Enhanced user experience By providing relevant information on vehicle status and charging options, these applications help to make driving electric vehicles more transparent and user-friendly.

Whether for business or personal use, electric vehicle applications offer a wide range of features to meet everyone's needs.


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Must-have apps for Tesla owners

No more physical keys and endless searches for charging stations! The Tesla universe extends far beyond the steering wheel, and mobile applications are the keystone.

That said, what are the must-have applications that transform Tesla driving into an unparalleled experience, combining cutting-edge technology, comfort and practicality? That's the question we've been asking ourselves. With this selection of apps, you're all set for the ultimate Tesla experience.

The official Tesla application

The Tesla app acts as a remote control hub for your electric vehicle. Thanks to this application, you can access various data, such as your car's charge level, its precise location or even monitor its energy consumption.

The official app is the control center of your Tesla, allowing you to :

  • preheat or air-condition the cabin,
  • unlock and lock doors,
  • order 
  • monitor your vehicle's condition in real time,
  • manage your vehicle's charge remotely,
  • access roadside assistance and customer service.


TeslaFi is an advanced tracking tool that lets you collect real-time data on your Tesla. You can analyze your energy consumption, driving style and battery status. What's more, it integrates Amazon Alexa, enabling voice commands of all kinds.

Its detailed web interface provides data on : 

  • daily commutes, 
  • remote monitoring, 
  • energy consumption, 
  • electricity costs compared to gas, 
  • elevation graphs for each route.

It can be an effective ally when you want to plan a headache-free trip and have a detailed view of your itinerary and the performance of your Tesla. 

For more information, see our article on the best route planners for electric cars may be of interest to you.


TezLab is an application that lets you customize the features of your Tesla. It's the perfect application for drivers who want to optimize the use of their electric vehicle. You can activate hidden options, modify the dashboard interface and install customized themes.

On the user's smartphone, it presents a variety of information, including : 

  • battery status, 
  • driving efficiency, 
  • autonomy estimates.

But it also offers a community aspect, in the sense that TezLab also offers : 

  • share route details, 
  • take part in eco-driving challenges,
  • exchange tips or other information about their Tesla.

This feature is committed to providing real-time data on driver performance, potentially influencing their approach to driving and vehicle maintenance.


Teslascope is a third-party interface that lets you view your Tesla's data in real time on an interactive dashboard. 

So you can : 

  • import and share your data,
  • monitor energy consumption, 
  • monitor the condition and performance of your battery, 
  • remote control via Siri (for iOS) or Tasker (for Android),
  • consult a calendar for :
    • track all driving sessions 
    • track the charge of your electric vehicle

However, this is an exclusively online version, offering both free and paid features (around $3/month).

My Tesla Remote

My Tesla Remote is an app that lets you control your Tesla remotely via Bluetooth from your Apple Watch or iPhone. 

So you can : 

  • locate your electric vehicle,
  • lock and unlock doors, 
  • start preheating or air-conditioning,
  • display your vehicle's charge status.

What's more, there's no advertising or subscription required, just the price of €1.99.

tesla supercharger

Sentry Mode

This application monitors your vehicle in your absence and warns you of any danger, synchronizing seamlessly with Tesla's integrated Sentry Mode. In fact, this application activates your Tesla's camera to monitor your vehicle when it's parked.

When this identifies a potential threat, Sentry Mode activates and immediately alerts the owner. Users can also view recorded incidents to make sure nothing is going on. Thanks to this application, Tesla drivers can keep an eye on their vehicle's surroundings at all times and in all places, offering additional security.

In short, this application allows you to : 

  • remote monitoring, 
  • alert the owner directly,
  • save and share filmed moments.

Scan My Tesla

Scan My Tesla is an application that offers full access to diagnostic data as seen by a remote technician. In fact, it gives owners a detailed overview of their vehicle's parameters. 

This makes it possible to : 

  • capture and analysis, 
  • anticipate potential problems,
  • keep your Tesla in top condition,
  • customizable alerts (low battery warnings, unusual temperature variations, etc.).

In short, by connecting directly to the on-board computer, the application offers extended access to data not normally visible on the dashboard.


We also have the Teri application, specially designed for users of Apple devices. It optimizes the Tesla driving experience by leveraging Siri compatibility for easy vehicle management. 

To illustrate, it offers 21 different voice commands to perform different actions on its Tesla, freeing up drivers' hands while on the move. This feature is particularly appreciated by those looking for simplicity and safety, enabling them to stay focused on the road while interacting with their electric vehicle.

Here are the types of orders we can place with Teri: 

  • battery monitoring, 
  • manage headlights and horn,
  • remote unlocking of your Tesla,
  • monitoring your electric vehicle...


Thanks to Tessie, your driving experience with your Tesla is enhanced by its wide range of features.

This marks a significant step forward in optimizing your Tesla's performance and expenditure, by guaranteeing intelligent driving on your part. Tessie offers : 

  • capture precise driving and charging data,
  • optimize the user's journey through intelligent driving,
  • make personalized recommendations for managing the user's costs (to reduce electricity bills, for example),
  • control their vehicle using voice commands via their phone or connected watch.

This application is priced at $4.99 per month for an individual and $5 per month per vehicle for a professional in the case of a electric fleet.

If you would like to find out more about the electric vehicle fleet and more specifically about fleet management, our articles on the subject may be of interest to you: 

The 5 best software packages for managing your electric fleet 

How to choose your fleet management software 


Finally, PlugShare, billed as the world's most accurate and comprehensive recharging map, offers free : 

  • the location of recharging stations for electric vehicles 
  • and leave reviews and connect with other plug-in vehicle drivers.

It lists Tesla charging stations as well as those compatible with all vehicles. This public map features a variety of charging stations, including :

  • annotations,
  • images,
  • additional details.


In conclusion, the applications presented here offer a full range of features to meet the varied needs of Tesla drivers in 2024, whether they are experienced users or newcomers to the world of electric driving. Whether you're looking for tools to optimize your journeys or control your Tesla remotely, these apps are designed to enhance your driving experience.

For professionals, these applications offer effective solutions for fleet management, optimized route planning and real-time monitoring of vehicle performance. They also contribute to increased productivity and safety on the road.

For individuals, these applications represent reliable companions on the road, offering comfort and peace of mind throughout their journeys. They are designed to simplify the daily lives of Tesla drivers, enabling them to take full advantage of the advanced features of their electric vehicle.

Please bear in mind that this article is just an introduction to the world of Tesla applications. Other fascinating and innovative tools are constantly being developed, and we promise to introduce them to you in future articles. Stay tuned to our blog so you don't miss out on the latest trends, and explore the full potential of your Tesla!

In the meantime, enjoy your Tesla!

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