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The 5 best software packages for managing your electric fleet

The 5 best software packages for managing your electric fleet

Efficient management of an electric fleet is crucial for businesses. But with so many options on the market, choosing the right management software can be tricky.

To remain competitive, your company needs to be reactive on a daily basis. As a result, resource availability and cost management are major challenges, especially in today's fast-changing transport sector. That's why we've compiled a list of the 5 best software solutions for managing your electric fleet.

In this article, we'll explore each software package in detail, its key features and how it can benefit your business.

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What is fleet management?

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On a day-to-day basis, companies need vehicles to facilitate the movement of their employees in the course of their operations. Whether transporting goods, equipment or people, every company needs to acquire vehicles tailored to its specific needs. In fact, depending on the size of the organization, it may need to obtain several dozen or even hundreds of electric cars, be they utility vehicles or not. This is where fleet management comes in.

Visit fleet managementor fleet management fleet managementencompasses the operational management of electric vehicles of electric vehicles within a fleet improve a company's efficiency and reduce costs. The implementation of fleet management is part of a specific business strategy and requires pre-established objectives.

This implies : 

  • vehicle and driver tracking,
  • cost management,
  • diagnostics, 
  • consumption monitoring,
  • compliance with standards, 
  • ensure employee satisfaction.

Fleet management depends on the number and type of cars in the fleet. Although the challenges remain similar, the approaches have a direct impact on fleet profitability. This concept is relatively commonplace in companies that use vehicles for their business (transport companies, delivery firms, service companies, etc.).

What's more, fleet management offers universal adaptabilityregardless of company size. Its financial efficiency grows in proportion to its large-scale deployment.

Finally, depending on the size and needs of your fleet, this can be carried out in-house or by a specialist company.

What is the role of a fleet manager?

This master of operational efficiency is much more than just a vehicle manager. He embodies the strategic pivot ensuring the fluid coordination of a vehicle fleet, navigating between safety imperatives, logistical challenges and budgetary constraints.

In fact, the fleet manager, or fleet managermakes crucial decisions to ensure the smooth running of transport operations, driver safety and overall profitability. His main objective is to keep the company's TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) as low as possible, by optimizing fleet management costs.

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In short, it acts as anintermediary between the company and its automotive supplierswhile optimizing the management of vehicles, making them an asset for the company rather than a burden.

corporate fleet
company fleet

The benefits of electric fleet management

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Electric fleet management offers a plethora of benefits for both business and the environment. Here's how effective organization can transform your fleet.

Lower operating costs

Naturally, the first point being that the transition to electric vehicles reduces maintenance and fuel consumption costs, offering long-term profitability.

The second point is that the data provided by advanced technologies, management applications and IT solutions, identifies the levers for optimization. This expenditure analysis guides the fleet manager in his choices, balancing the need to reducing unnecessary costsinvestments investments that support the company's growth and thus improve competitiveness.

For example, a precise definition of the contract according to needs simplifies follow-up and avoids return costs. It is also important to take into account the fluidity grid and mileage surveys to anticipate and adjust contracts.

Productivity improvement

Implementing fleet management provides a company with all the essential real-time data it needs to optimize productivity. Every day, managers benefit from a global vision of their fleet. Freed from fleet-related administrative and operational constraints, they can focus their attention on the strategic development of their business.

What's more, electric vehicles require less downtime for maintenance, guaranteeing greater vehicle availability for operational missions.

Aid for electric mobility

Following the government's incentive to switch to green mobility and develop its fleet, a number of grants are available for companies to buy an electric car or opt for business leasing. Indeed, electric cars are hampered by a significant price tag. To make them more accessible, a range of grants are available to help reduce the cost.

That said, you have access to the environmental bonusbonus conversion premiumbut also regional aid depending on your company's location.

Let's not forget that if you want to acquire charging stations or rent charging stationsthere are assistance with the installation of recharging are also available.

All you need to do is set up a no-fuss fleet management system and optimize your expenses!

Top 10 efficient software solutions for your electric fleet

To give you a brief introduction to the concept, fleet management software offers an instant visualization of the position and status of electric carsas well as the driver behavior. Obtaining specific data on a vehicle is quick and easy at any time, especially as they provide the fleet manager with the right performance indicators to inform his or her decisions.

As a result, fleet management encompasses various hardware and software elements (via GPS, server or monitoring devices), enabling : 

  • registration, 
  • measurement, 
  • treatment, 
  • and real-time data transmission.

In short, it's quick and easy to collect specific data on a car. Large-scale operations will benefit fully from this solution, but it can also greatly optimize the efficiency of small businesses.

truck fleet

Beev's electric fleet management tool

Discover our electric fleet management tool

Beev has recently launched a totally free fleet management tool, enabling you to manage your vehicles and recharging points more easily and productively. Whether you're a small business or a major international corporation, Beev offers the right solution for your needs.

What's more, this electric fleet management tool offers continuous monitoring so you can observe the status of your fleet and charging points live.

This software allows you to : 

  • review your fleet data on the tab,
  • consult a complete list of your vehicles (registrations, models, contract duration, mileage, etc.)
  • access a complete list of your drivers,
  • create and consult your calendar events (maintenance, overhauls or fleet servicing),
  • centralize your fleet-related documents.

What's more, don't hesitate to take advantage of Beev's support for the acquisition of new electric vehicles or the installation of charging stations.

GAC Car Fleet

GAC Car Fleet, a leading fleet management software, currently oversees more than 330,000 vehicles for over 250 customers. 

This fully digital solution also offers the option of communicating with drivers by e-mail or SMS (awareness, mileage records, customized reports, etc.). Alert configuration and risk prevention are fully adaptable to managerial requirements.

This software centralizes essential data for each vehicle, such as : 

  • its history, 
  • consumption, 
  • its state of maintenance and upkeep,
  • follow-up, 
  • TCO analysis... 

For fleets of over 50 vehicles, using GAC Car Fleet can significantly improve a company's fleet. 


FleetWave, a British online software package, is used in 180 countries and monitors almost a million vehicles. It stands out for its high degree of comprehensiveness, advanced customization, and ability to cover the entire lifecycle of fleet vehicles.

This software offers : 

  • claims management,
  • acquisition and resale of vehicles,
  • budget monitoring,
  • payment of fines,
  • vehicle maintenance...

WinFlotte 10

Developed by an experienced team, WinFlotte 10 is a robust, comprehensive cloud-based software solution for complete online fleet management. With a quarter of a century of accumulated experience, these experts have in-depth knowledge of the field. 

It can be adapted to all fleet sizes, and aims to apply best practices to reduce TCO and improve impact. CSR.

It provides a variety of tools to assess and control energy consumption. In detail, this cloud-based solution is divided into several modules, including : 

  • car-sharing, 
  • fines, 
  • insurance and claims,
  • the comparator (to estimate rental costs and other services offered by rental companies),
  • "Exchange" (to facilitate the transfer of vehicles between sites little used by employees).
  • or "Business Intelligence" (for intuitive visualization of fleet data),
  • and many others.
company fleet
company cars


Phoenix, developed in 2011, is a fleet management software package. Its comprehensive, high-performance features are designed to correct errors caused by inadequate practices. 

As a Saas tool designed by fleet management specialists, it ranks among the best thanks to the use of a shared language and procedures in its design.

This software offers the traditional functions of this type of software, giving the fleet manager a global vision of his fleet: 

  • catalog management, 
  • automated processing of fines, 
  • RGPD-compliant data storage,
  • verification and processing of supplier invoices, 
  • TCO optimization, 
  • fleet analysis and monitoring tools...


In conclusion, efficient management of an electric fleet is crucial for any company committed to the transition to sustainable mobility. Fleet management software offers innovative solutions to optimize operations, reduce costs and promote greener driving.

In our exploration of the 5 best software packages for managing your electric fleet, we discovered powerful tools offering advanced functionality to meet the specific needs of fleet managers. However, choosing the right software depends on the unique needs of each company. It's essential to take into account factors such as fleet size, sustainability objectives, and the functionality required for effective management.

To take your exploration of fleet management and electric mobility solutions a step further, take a look at our other blog posts. You'll find practical advice, in-depth analyses and tips for getting the most out of your electric fleet. 

Naturally, with the support of solutions like Beev, we can help you make the transition to cleaner, more efficient mobility.

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