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Ultra-fast charging: the Zeekr 001 sets new records 

Ultra-fast charging for the record-breaking Zeekr 001

The Zeekr 001as its name suggests, represents the first electric car from the Chinese manufacturer in the field of electric vehicles. Owned by Geely, owner of renowned brands such as Volvo and Polestarthis spacious electric sedan recently received an impressive impressive updatewith significant improvements in :

  • refill, 
  • performance,
  • and equipment. 

As a result, no more worrying about recharging! The Zeekr 001 revolutionizes the French automotive landscape with its ultra-fast charging technology. The Zeekr 001's forthcoming arrival in France is already generating interest as an exciting electric vehicle.

In this article, we explore the revolutionary features of the Zeekr 001, its impact on the French automotive market and the implications for the future of electric mobility.

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Zeekr 001: the promising electric sedan

Zeekr is often mentioned, though not widely known, is poised to compete with German giants giants such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi. Introduced to the market in 2021 and as stated in the preamble, it is part of the powerful Chinese Geely Group, owner of renowned brands such as :

  • Volvo, 
  • Lotus, 
  • Polestar, 
  • Smart (50% with Mercedes-Benz),
  • or LEVC, the London company that produces the famous "Black cabs".

Presenting itself as a Chinese carmaker high-end yet accessibleits ambition is to offer high-performance, environmentally-friendly vehicles.

The Zeekr 001 was highly acclaimed when it was launched in 2021 for its feat of exceeding 1000 km CLTCrange thanks to its 140 kWh battery. This is a feat that few electric cars have achieved to date.

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Nevertheless, this electric car, which recently underwent a restyling in early 2024no longer no longer offers its symbolic 1000 km rangebut will have several strings to its bow to capture your attention, notably in terms of :

  • recharge, 
  • equipment, 
  • and performance.

What's more, a 1000 km range is not necessarily relevant for an electric carbecause it requires expensive and heavy batteries. What's more, the ultra-fast recharging times of the new batteries mean that long distances can be covered without any constraints, especially as the network of fast-charging stations continues to expand globally (although disparities and breakdowns persist in France).

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In terms of appearance, the Zeekr 001 remains unchanged, with the exception of 3 new colors :

  • blue,
  • orange, 
  • and dark night. 

What's more, the seatsupholstered in Nappa leatherleather upholstery, are available in 4 colors:

  • nitrogen blue, 
  • platinum gray, 
  • carbon black, 
  • and titanium brown. 

The Zeekr 001 is available in China from 299,000 yuan, or approximately €38,800and up to 329,000 yuan (around €42,700) for the highest-performance version.

The impressive technical performance of the Zeekr 001

The Zeekr 001 of 2024 inaugurates a major innovation with theintegration of the 95 kWh LFP battery. These two batteries have diametrically opposed characteristics due to their different chemical compositions. In fact, the electric sedan is equipped with 2 separate batteries:

  • a Qilin NMC (nickel - manganese - cobalt) : 
    • battery 100 kWh,
    • weighs 606 kg,
    • with a charging capacity of 400 kW
    • from 10 to 80% in 15 minutes.
  • and a Shenxing LFP (lithium - iron - phosphate) : 
    • 95 kWh battery,
    • weighs in at 720 kg,
    • can be charged at a maximum power of 475 kW,
    • from from 10% to 80% in just 11 minutes minutes.

Indeed, these performances are remarkable and are gradually approaching the world record held by the Li Auto Megaa huge van that can complete the same task in 10 minutes.

The Zeekr is available with two engine configurations. 

The first being the rear-wheel drive 2-wheel drive version offers a range of 750 km with a power output of 310 kW (421 hp).
The second with all-wheel drive 4-wheel drive system delivers around 705 km with a power output of 580 kW (789 hp).

⚠️Point of caution Concerning range, the Chinese CLTC homologation cycle is a little more generous than the European WLTP cycle.

These figures translate into acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.9 s for rear-wheel drive and 3,3 s for all-wheel drive.

The remarkable technology of the Chinese electric car

The eagerly-awaited new Zeekr 001 stands out for itsthe use of an innovative CATL battery.

The interior features a minimalist design, with a 15.6-inch swivel display powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 chipchip, like the Xiaomi SU7.

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In addition, a 35.5-inch head-up display and 13.06-inch digital meters meters.

In addition, the front seats offer heatingand ventilation and massage features. Rear passengers also benefit from a 5.7-inch multifunction touchscreen.

Thanks to the restyling, a remarkable innovation has been introduced concerning the panoramic roof. It offers an astonishing feature: it can change color in 10 different shades independently in 10 zones. This is the first time that such a device has had the ability to change its colors, although some manufacturers already offer glass roofs that can darken on demand.

The end of long stops at charging stations?

interior zeekr

The arrival of superchargers like the Zeekr 001 marks a significant turning point. It's proof that ultra-fast charging is no longer science fiction, and could soon be an integral part of our everyday lives. Chinese manufacturers are vying for the fastest and most powerful charging. As seen briefly above, a recent feat by the Zeekr 001 sets a new record in this competition.

Thanks to the recent introductionrecent introduction of CATL's LFP Shenxing batterys Shenxing LFP battery, with a capacity of 95 kWh, the record has almost been surpassed. A video shared on Weibo shows the car reaching a maximum maximum power of 546.4 kW when its charge reaches 34%..

In just just over 11 minutesthe Zeekr 001 would gain 473 km range by increasing its charge from 10% to 80%.according to the CLTC cycle.

To be more precise, the time required to charge from 10 to 80% is 11 minutes and 28 secondswhich is slightly longer than that of the Li Auto Mega. This is remarkable despite its slightly larger battery size, as the Li Auto Mega can reach this level of charge in just 10 minutes and 36 seconds thanks to its faster recharging curve.

This means no more range anxiety and no more endless breaks at charging stations. The Zeekr 001, with its record charging capacity, is a perfect example of what the future holds for electric vehicle drivers.

Chinese electric sedan begins deliveries to Europe

The Zeekr 001 is no longer a mirage. After the announcement of its imminent arrival in Europe, followed by the production of the first examples destined for the European market, the first vehicles have indeed been delivered last December.

In the Netherlands that the first European drivers were able to get behind the wheel of this Chinese racer. With its shooting brake design and high-end technical features, the Zeekr 001 is clearly positioned in the premium segment of the electric car marketmarket, and looks set to take on industry heavyweights such as Tesla or Mercedes-Benz.

Indeed, having sold more than 100,000 vehicles in China since 2023it plans to build on this success by expanding into 8 new markets by 2025although no official date has yet been announced.

This being said, Zeekr has high ambitions for Europe, although it has already been present in certain European markets since the end of 2023, such as the Netherlands, Germany, Norway and Sweden. Germany, Norway and Sweden.. In addition Stockholm that the Chinese brand has inaugurated its very first Zeekr Centre.

As usual, prices are a far cry from those in China, with the current 001, for example, ranging from 59,990 and €67,990 in Germany.


The arrival in France of the Zeekr 001 heralds a revolution in electric mobility. With its ultra-fast charging capability, it pushes back the boundaries of what's possible, offering drivers an unprecedented experience. 

This electric car embodies innovation and power, setting new standards for the automotive industry. Its likely arrival in France opens the way to an era of greener, faster and more efficient travel. 

On the one hand, ultra-fast charging eliminates one of the main obstacles to the adoption of electric vehiclesfor both private and business customers: charging time. Imagine being able to fill up with energy in just a few minutes, much as we do today with a gasoline-powered car. This frees you from constraints and opens the way to more relaxed travel.

To achieve this, we need to develop the infrastructure needed to accommodate these new vehicles, while guaranteeing a stable power grid. But it's also a unique opportunity to take part in the electric mobility revolution.

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