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Our test of the Jaguar I-Pace: the anti-Tesla

It's no longer a secret that many car brands have decided to enter the electric car market. This choice has been motivated by the European Union's bill to ban the sale of combustion-powered cars from 2035. Jaguar is no exception to this rule with its very luxurious model, the Jaguar i Pace. Today, we invite you to discover our test drive of the Jaguar i Pace in video and in our article. The brand's first 100% electric car is also one of the first Premium electric vehicles to compete with Tesla's such as the Tesla Model X, for example.

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Our Jaguar i Pace video test


On this Jaguar, 0 to 100 km/h is achieved in 4.8 seconds, which is better than most electric SUVs, but not as good asTesla models.

This SUV has all the current assistance systems, only better. The cruise control, for example, analyzes the front field to determine whether it is possible to accelerate and maintain the speed desired by the driver. For a little more fun, several driving modes are available, including one called "dynamic", which uses speakers to create a false combustion engine noise during acceleration.

Test Jaguar i-pace

This It's important to bear in mind that this Jaguar consumes a lot of fuel on the freeway, up to 38 kWh at 130 km/h.

Both motors offer efficiencies of up to 97% when transferring energy from the battery to the motor. An internal combustion engine, on the other hand, is generally only 30-40% efficient when producing power from fossil fuels. They have been developed by Jaguar engineers on the basis of knowledge and experience gained from the I-TYPE, the Formula E single-seater.

Test Jaguar i-pace 3
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The exterior

This electric Jaguar measures 4 m 68 long, 2 m 11 wide and 1 m 57 high with a wheelbase of 3 m giving this SUV a limousine look. Its trunkelectrically assisted, can hold 656 liters in its initial state and in usefulit can accommodate 1453 liters.

Test Jaguar i-pace 4

The interior

The design of the i-Pace is both true to the Jaguar spirit and to the i-Pace concept. The wide grille is turned inwards to reduce drag by channelling air to the hood and outwards, where it flows over a curved roofline for maximum efficiency.

This Jaguar is first and foremost a 5-seater. But make no mistake, despite the leather seats and all those USB sockets in the back and storage for an iPad, the person in the middle won't have a very pleasant journey.

Location Dimensions
Maximum headroom for front seats with fixed panoramic roof
1013 mm
Headroom for rear seats
968 mm
Maximum front legroom
1040 mm
Maximum rear legroom
890 mm
Test Jaguar i-pace 10

100% touch-sensitive instrument panel with Land Rover inspiration. Special mention for the Recaro seats: the driving position is perfect.


The small negative point is the layout of the screens which are too low and forcing us to look away from the road.. There's no gearshift or handbrake.

There are USB connectors everywhere, and plenty of storage space. The seats are memory foam and heated. The steering wheel can be too, but this is optional.


Test Jaguar Trunk capacity

Charging the Jaguar I Pace

Charging time for the Jaguar i-Pace will depend on your situation: whether you plan to recharge at home or at public charging stations.

  • Home recharging: Type 2 
    • 7 kW: 35 km of range recovered / hour 
    • 2.3 kW: 11 km of range recovered / hour (domestic socket) 
  • Outdoor charging: CCS
    • 50 kW: 270 km of range recovered / hour 
    • 100 kW: 100 km of range recovered / ¼ h 

Charging is possible using a household socket. It is also possible to recharge the car at a public charging point.. The vehicle's charging speed depends on the charging station used and the vehicle's maximum charging capacity.icle. The table below summarizes the time required to charge the Jaguar I-Pace.

For more information on charging stations ===> Electric car charging stations, what are the prices?

Type Km recovered Recharge time
2.3 kW
9 km/h
30 hours
3.7 kW
11 km/h
27 hours
7 kW
35 km/h
13 hours 30 minutes
50 kW
270 km/h
Less than 2 hours
100 kW
100 km/ 15min
44 minutes

Charging speed can reach 100 kW on 175 and 350 kW fast-charging stations, and 50 kW on other chargers. In the charging curve below, you can see how fast the i-Pace charges on both chargers. On average, the i-Pace charges 100 km in 15 to 30 minutes. With a 175 kW charger, charging speed decreases slowly from 40 %. With a 50 kW charger, it reaches 80%.

If you want to extend the life of your battery, you can the option of driving in eco mode. In practical terms, this mode reduces energy loss and encourages a more efficient driving style.. This mode also takes over in the passenger compartment by reducing the use energy-consuming functions.


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Jaguar I Pace trim levels and prices

Our Jaguar i Pace test drive in brief

In terms of range, the Jaguar is not much better than its mid-range rivals such as the Mercedes EQC or Tesla Model X. The Jaguar I Paceis all about class and elegance.

By the way, how much does this Jaguar ? The price of this model is €81,200 excluding options.. With the i Pace range starting at €79,900, this I Pace SE is a top-of-the-range model. Even if this Jaguar has a high satisfaction rate, the Jaguar had to slow down production due to a battery shortage. In the meantime, Jaguar is preparing is preparing a sedan to complete its range of 100% electric vehicles.

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