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All the help you need to buy an electric car

Beev supports you from A to Z in your project to buy an electric car! Our experts will advise you on your future electric vehicle and help you claim your subsidies!

How will you be helped to buy an electric car in 2024?

In 2024, you'll benefit from a wide range of grants for the purchase of an electric car. Even though electric vehicle prices are becoming increasingly affordable, they are still more expensive than their combustion counterparts. But don't panic! Thanks to the numerous grants available to you, the bill can be significantly reduced. 

Ecological bonus

The ecological bonus is changing! As of January 1, 2024, the ecological bonus has been increased to €5,000, and to €7,000 for the most modest families. This bonus is deducted directly from the purchase price of an electric car at the leasing company or dealership. Since February 13, 2024, the ecological bonus for professionals has been abolished, dropping from €3,000 to €0, except for electric commercial vehicles, which retain their €3,000 advantage.

Conversion bonus

You can also benefit from the "prime à la conversion" (conversion bonus) of up to €6,000, depending on your household income. The "prime à la conversion" is a government subsidy available to all French people for the purchase of an electric or hybrid car that pollutes less than diesel or petrol, whether new or used.

Regional aid for the purchase of an electric car

Depending on the region you live in, you may be eligible for assistance towards the purchase of an electric car. They can be combined with other grants: bonus écologique and prime à la conversion. To find out what assistance is available, don't hesitate to contact our Beev experts!

Assistance for the purchase of an electric car in Île-de-France

Paris and the Île-de-France region in particular is often the victim of "pollution peaks", the latest dating back to July 13, 2022. The region continues to invest in regional aid to improve air quality.

Greater Lyon: up to €5,000 in grants

This article summarizes all the key points you need to know about the introduction of the new low-emission zone in the Greater Lyon metropolitan area, with the aim of supporting the deployment of low-emission vehicles.

Financial aid for the Occitanie region

In this article, we summarize all the assistance to which you are entitled for the purchase of an electric car, plug-in hybrid and electric bike in the Occitanie region.

Help with installing a recharging point

You are a company

As a company, you are entitled to subsidies to install charging stations on your premises.

You are a private individual

As a private individual, you can also benefit from special assistance when installing a charging station at your home.

Would you like to install a charging station?

Cities and regions that encourage the purchase of electric cars

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