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New financial assistance for kiosks at small service stations

Country charging station

Several schemes have been and continue to be put in place to facilitate the switch to electric vehicles. However, many towns in France don't have easy access to these aids, as might be the case in major conurbations. We're talking, of course, about more remote areas: rural areas. As a result, many rural dwellers have difficulty finding service stations to recharge their electric vehicles.

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Small service stations in France: background

Between rising fuel prices and the lack of recharging infrastructure, small service stations are the most vulnerable. To remedy this, the government is proposing a subsidy ranging from 3,000 and 6,000 eurosenabling 880 small stations to apply the fuel discount until the end of 2022. But this is still not enough, given the development of electric cars in France.

To come to their rescue, the government has just introduced another grant to finance the installation of fast-charging stations in small service stations.

The government's helping hand for service stations

The switch to electric vehicles is a priority for the government. To ensure that all motorists have easy access to recharging, the government wants to speed up the installation of charging stations in small independent service stations.

To this end, on Tuesday, November 29, 2022government aid was announced: "Thanks to the appropriations of the rectifying finance law of August 2022, a budget of 10 million euros is available to co-finance the deployment of charging stations for electric vehicles at independent service stations.", as mentioned by Bruno Le Maire (Minister of the Economy), Agnès Pannier-Runacher (Minister of Energy Transition) and Olivia Grégoire (Minister Delegate in charge of SMEs, Trade, Crafts and Tourism Olivia Grégoire).

What does this aid for the installation of service stations involve?

To go into a little more detail about this assistance, the expenses related to this project are :

  • infrastructure costs 
  • their installations and landscaping work
  • costs of connection to the public electricity grid.

What are the conditions and who is eligible?

For service stations to have access to it, here are the conditions: 

  • be an independent service station
  • structure selling less than 2,500 m³ of fuel per year
  • the terminal must be installed and "located in a municipality of intermediate or rural density according to the INSEE's 7-level communal density grid."

These 4,000 service stationsconcerned by this government aid, will have to apply to the ADEME (the French Environment and Energy Management Agency) from December 1, 2022.

To find out if your service station is eligible for this aid, you can go directly to aides-stations-service.ademe.fr. You'll be asked to download an eligibility file at the end of which you'll be asked a series of questions and be asked to calculate the aid.

Help with installing charging stations: how much is it?

With regard to financing, the French government will guarantee to finance 60-70% of the cost of installing charging stations with a power rating of between 50 and 150 kW.

For more details on the amount of aid, this will depend on the cumulative DC power of the installation.
Here is a summary table:

Cumulative DC power Rate of assistance Maximum aid per company and investment project (excl. VAT)
Less than 75 kW DC
70 %
45,000 EXCL. TAX
Greater than or equal to 75 kW DC
60 %
60,000 EXCL. TAX

Good to know: this financial aid for the installation of filling stations in small service stations can be combined with funding from the Energy Savings Certificate (CEE) program.

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What documents do I need to provide?

To benefit from this aid, here are the documents required by ADEME: 

Before putting together your application, please download the documents below. They will help you throughout the project:

Here are the documents required to complete your application: 

Once you have completed and collected these documents, log on to your ADEME personal space. Once the organization has validated the applications submitted, the grants will be paid out at a later date.

For further information: Program to support the deployment of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles at independent service stations.

In conclusion

At a time when the automotive market is booming, this financial assistance offered by the State will enable small service stations to develop electric vehicles, and subsequently meet the needs of motorists outside the big cities.

The introduction of this scheme shows that there is also strong demand from motorists living in rural areas, and that the government is keen to make electric mobility accessible to all. 

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