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Get your BMW i4 eDrive40 on a business lease

BMW i4 eDrive40
  • From €827/month
  • 48-month long-term rental
  • 10,000 km included
  • No deposit
  • Without increased 1st rent

83.9 kWh




590 Km

Range according to WLTP cycle

250 kW /340 hp


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Performance of the BMW i4 eDrive40

Performance Power Autonomy (WLTP) Usable battery
250 kW
340 hp
590 km
83.9 kWh

Charging the BMW i4 eDrive40

AC connector

Type 2

Max. power (kW)


Accelerated load AC 0 to 100


DC connector


Max DC power (kW)


DC rapid charge 10 to 80%.


Dimensions and weight of the BMW i4 eDrive40

Length Width Height Wheelbase Tare weight
4783 mm
1852 mm
1448 mm
2856 mm
2215 kg


Amortization Battery damping
30,000 INCL. VAT

All about the BMW i4 eDrive40

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The BMW i4 eDrive 40 is a 100% electric vehicle. With a maximum output of 250 kW (340 hp), the eDrive 40 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds. 

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The BMW i4 eDrive 40 starts at €59, 700 for sale in France. This price includes VAT. In addition, you may also be eligible for the conversion bonus and regional aid. 

Companies also benefit from tax advantages when purchasing a 100% electric vehicle.

Vehicle charging


The battery of the BMW i4 eDrive 40 has a gross capacity of 83.9 kWh. The usable capacity is 80.7 kWh. Range is around 503 km with a 100% charged battery. Actual range, however, will depend on a number of factors, including climate, road conditions, whether or not air conditioning is used, and driving style.


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