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All about Tesla's charging station

Tesla charging station

To mark the launch of Tesla's new charging station, available for all vehicles, Beev tells you more about this new product.

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Tesla charging station (US model J1772)

Tesla has recently released a third version of its Wallbox. The Tesla J1772 Gen 3 Wallbox connector differs from the two previous versions in its compatibility with other vehicles. Indeed, the first two generations of Wallboxes required an adapter to connect them to vehicles of a brand other than that of the American manufacturer.

All in all, this is good news for consumers, but also for Tesla, which is likely to establish itself in a market segment other than that of electric vehicles. Elon Musk's protected brand attaches great importance to the quality and simplicity of its products. So it comes as no surprise that Tesla is launching a charging station with a host of benefits and features that will appeal to the widest possible audience. 

First of all, the Tesla J1772 Gen 3 wall connector is, unsurprisingly, a connected terminal! It lets you monitor the charging status of your electric vehicle battery in real time.

What's more, this charging station's connectivity will let you know a little more about the state of your electric vehicle's battery, and you'll also receive data on the use you make of your car. All this is thanks to the charging station's built-in firmware, linked to an application that lets you view all this from your phone. 

It even sends notifications to your phone when recharging is complete. Further software updates are planned, introducing new features. 

Another important point is that the bollard complies with IP54 and IK44 standards, enabling it to be installed both indoors and outdoors.

Tesla promises that its home charging station can provide up to 71 km ofrange per hour of charging if connected in single-phase (7.4 kW maximum). Quite a good performance for a simple home terminal. If the terminal is connected to a three-phase circuit, it can deliver up to 77 km of range per hour of recharging. 

Maximum charging power depending on vehicle capacity and Wall Connector current settings :

Vehicles Single-phase 230 volts Three-phase 230 volts traingle Three-phase 400 volt star
Tesla Model 3 and Model Y
7.4 kW (32A)
11 kW (28A)
11 kW (16A)
Tesla Model S and Model X
7.4 kW (32A)
8.5 kW (32A)
16.6 kW (24A)

To adapt to the electrical installations of as many people as possible, the power output of the charging station can be customized.
Another interesting feature offered by the Wall Connector is power sharing. 

What is power sharing?

Power sharing is a feature that enables you to charge several vehicles at home with only a small amount of energy to be transmitted. Instead of going through several electrical circuits to charge several electric vehicles, power sharing lets you share the power of a single electrical circuit for up to four charging stations. 

This feature is relevant almost exclusively for professionals. It's more complicated to set up for private customers, given the low electrical power available in their homes. 

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How much does a Tesla charging station cost?

Tesla's third-generation wall connector is available from 549 euros, all taxes included. To have your Tesla charging station installed, you'll need to go through IRVE-certified installers! 

If you're a professional, going through an IRVE-certified installer will give you access to ADVENIRassistance! Our installers are IRVE-certified! 

However, if you want to install Tesla's charging station to IRVE standards, you'll need to allow for additional costs. As it stands, Tesla's charging station does not meet the standards currently in force in France. To comply, professionals add a single-socket box with switch and a straight industrial plug to the installation, adding to the cost. 

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Tesla Superchargers accessible to all

At present, Tesla owns, with Ionityone of only two ultra-fast (>150 kW) charging networks in Europe. Today, there are over 3,000 stations with more than 30,000 charging points, known as "Superchargers". The network continues to expand, and is currently the largest network of charging stations on the European market. Of course, Superchargers are accessible to all Tesla owners, free of charge! Unlike other users, you won't have to pay for recharging. 

Tesla Superchargers: How do they work?

Tesla Superchargers work in the same way as Plug and Charge stations. To use it, you don't need a badge like with the Ionity network, for example, you need a Tesla account linked to the app and your vehicle with a registered means of payment. When you start recharging, your account will be automatically debited according to the energy stored in your battery.   

As you can see, everything is centralized around your account linked to the Tesla app. In addition to recharging charges, you can be taxed if you occupy a parking space that includes a recharging station, without recharging there. 

This is all the more true if the station at which you are immobilized is more than 50% occupied by other users. The purpose of this tax is to relieve congestion and prevent stations from being overcrowded. It also prevents some motorists from being unable to recharge while others have full batteries.

Where can I find Tesla charging stations?

Until now, SuperChargers have only been available to motorists with Tesla vehicles. However, the American brand is now diversifying its target market by reaching out to all motorists using electric vehicles. So, in addition to wall connectors, Tesla is opening up its Superchargers to electric vehicles of all makes. To connect, all you need is a CCS cable. 

To access these ultra-fast charging stations, go to the Tesla website or app. They are all referenced on a map updated in real time by the company. 

Of course, it's good news that Tesla is making its charging network available to all motorists. In the long term, this will further democratize the electric car. In this respect, giving motorists access to more and more recharging stations to facilitate their long-distance journeys could convince more and more drivers to switch to electric cars. 

For some time now, some superchargers have also been accessible to all cars. Previously, they were available exclusively to American brand vehicles. We tell you more in this video. 

What type of electric vehicle is compatible with Tesla charging stations?

As previously mentioned, Tesla is committed to the democratization of electric vehicles. In this respect, all vehicles are compatible with Tesla's charging stations since the third-generation home charging station. All you need is a cable and a Type 2 plug to charge on the third-generation Wall Connector, and a CCS cable for Superchargers.

How long does it take to recharge a Tesla?

The recharging time of an electric vehicle depends on the energy capacity of its battery and the charging power to which it is subjected. 

Recharge time per model from 20% to 80% (optimum charge level to avoid wearing out the battery too quickly) :

Vehicle 3.7 kW 7.4 kW 11 kW 250 kW
Tesla Model 3
25 minutes
Tesla Model Y
27 minutes
Tesla Model S
30 minutes
Tesla Model X
30 minutes

In conclusion

Tesla wants to make its product ranges accessible to everyone. This positioning was initially accompanied by a Tesla Model 3 with a list price of 41,990 euros. This price allowed access to the ecological bonus and the conversion premium, and thus a supposedly top-of-the-range product at a lower cost. However, this has now changed, as Tesla has had no choice but to increase its prices to cover losses due to various shortages of raw materials, resulting in additional delivery delays.

Now, with its fully compatible charging station and Superchargers open to electric vehicles from other brands, Tesla is aiming to diversify its customer base as much as possible. At the same time, the American brand wants to democratize electric vehicles and thus increase its number of potential customers. So far, they're on the right track, to say the least. 

Good to know: with lower prices, the Tesla Model 3has been eligible for the ecological bonus since January 2023!

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