Free parking for electric cars?

Electric car parking

How do I park an electric car? Some town halls offer preferential or even free parking for electric cars. Is yours one of them? Follow the guide to find out!

Pollution, and particularly noise pollution from cars, is a major issue. According to a study by Mimi Hearing Technologies GmbH, Paris is the 9th noisiest city in the world, behind Beijing and Mexico City, and the second noisiest in Europe, after Barcelona.

Transport is a major source of noise pollution, and the electric car is a solution to this problem. With numerous government and regional subsidies, the price of electric cars has been reduced. But it doesn't stop there. Many French cities have also introduced measures and benefits to limit the number of cars in town and boost the electric car fleet.

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Parking your electric car in Aix-en-Provence

In Aix-en-Provence, the town council has introduced free parking for electric car owners, compared with €360/year for internal combustion vehicles in densely populated areas.

free electric car parking in Aix en Provence

Parking your electric car in Lyon

In Lyon, the city council has introduced preferential rates for Lyon residents who own an electric or rechargeable hybrid car for €20/year, compared with €40/year for a combustion vehicle.

A map of Lyon's parking lots is also available.

What documents are required?

In order to benefit from the Lyon City Hall card, you must send :

  • Vehicle registration document
  • Council tax (lease or deed of ownership if you have been resident for less than a year)
  • Proof of address less than 3 months old (electricity, gas, telephone, internet or water bill)
  • In the case of a renewal, the number of your previous parking sticker.
  • If your vehicle is leased(LLD or LOA), the leasing contract for private and business customers
  • If your vehicle is a company car, a certificate from your employer mentioning your name and certifying that the vehicle is used by the employee on a personal basis.

How do I apply?

You can apply online here. Simply create an account and follow the steps to apply for a virtual residential card.

What about parking your hybrid car in Lyon?

As mentioned above, the parking fee for your hybrid car in Lyon is identical to the parking fee for an electric car. You can therefore benefit from an annual subscription of €20 instead of €40 for thermal cars.

Parking your electric car in Marseille

As part of the energy transition, Marseille City Council is offering preferential rates for owners of electric cars, i.e. €65/year instead of €130/year for a combustion vehicle.

What documents are required?

  • Vehicle registration document
  • Proof of address
  • Identification
  • Council tax or rental lease

How do I apply?


You must go to the SAGS website and create your personal account in order to request a subscription.


electric car parking Marseille Démarche

Once you've created your account, select the type of subscription you'd like: annual (€65) or quarterly (€35).

Please note that there is a €10 handling fee in addition to the subscription fee, regardless of the vehicle.

In a branch

If you'd like to visit a branch to take advantage of the subscription, you'll need to go to one of the two addresses accessible to people with reduced mobility.

  • SAGS Marseille - 37, rue des Trois Frères Barthélémy - 6e / Tel : 04 96 11 42 70 / Open Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. - Saturday, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  • SAGS Marseille - 42 rue Liandier - 8th / Tel : 04 91 78 51 02 / Open Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

What about parking your hybrid car in Marseille?

The parking charge for your hybrid car is the same as for a conventional car.

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Parking your electric car in Nice

The Nice metropolitan area has put in place a highly ambitious policy for the renewal of its car fleet, and in particular voted to provide free surface parking for electric cars, compared with €165 per year for a combustion vehicle. As a bonus, owners of electric cars can also charge up for free.

Electric car parking in Nice: conditions

To qualify, you must meet the following conditions: 

  • 1 parking space per low-emission vehicle
  • Parking possible in pay zones all around Nice for 2 hours 15 minutes consecutively and free once a day.
  • A ticket that must be picked up at the parking meter or via the PayByPhone mobile application (available on Play Store and App Store) by entering the code 1611

Good to know: this entitlement is valid for 1 year. After this period, the right must be renewed.

WARNING: any false declaration or attempt at fraudulent use will result in imminent termination of parking rights.

What documents are required?

In order to benefit from the Nice Town Hall card, the following documents must be produced:

  • The last notice of council tax in 2 parts (lease or notarized deed for tenants or recently installed owners),
  • Proof of address less than 3 months old (water, electricity, gas, home insurance, telephone bill, etc.),
  • V7 " vehicle registration certificate in the user's name; for company car users, a certificate from the employer.

How do I apply?


By post

  • The complete file must be returned to the following postal address: Régi Stationnement sur Voirie 06364 NICE CEDEX 4

What about parking your hybrid car in Nice?

The city of Nice does not currently offer any specific parking advantages for your hybrid car.

Parking your electric car in Paris

In Paris, you can park for free if you have an electric car. To do so, you need to apply for the "Véhicule basse émission" (VBE) virtual card, and be registered in a database held by the city hall.
This is a very practical solution, given the amount of fines motorists normally receive: you can expect to pay around €50 for a ticket, and the city hall is even considering doubling this rate. At present, cars are used very little to get around the capital, even though they occupy 50% of public space. Following this consultation, since August 2021, the city of Paris has implemented a parking reform.

What type of parking?

In Paris, owners of low-emission vehicles, such as electric cars electric carsbenefit from free parking spaces. Conditions differ according to the profile of the vehicle (visitor, resident or professional):

  • Electric car parking as a "visitor " is limited to 6 consecutive hours in the same space and is controlled by a European parking disc, which can be purchased in shops and affixed to the windscreen. Parking is free of charge.

  • Resident electric car parking: always limited to 7 consecutive days in the same space. It's free for Parisians who apply online.

  • Electric car parking as a professional: the low-emission vehicle card allows free parking for up to 7 consecutive hours (measured with a parking disc) for a vehicle with a "PRO Mobile à Paris" parking card, and by the day for a vehicle with a "Pro sédentaire à Paris" card. Healthcare professionals who travel to Paris for homecare services have a "PRO SAD" card. This card entitles them to free parking spaces.

If you have received a fine, here's how you can contest the fine.

Paris parking: Rates doubled

Parking prices set to soar in Paris!

In the first eleven arrondissements, the first hour will rise from €6 to €18. The longer you stay, the higher the rate:

  • 2 hours: €36 (x2)
  • 4 hours: €108 (x6)
  • 6 hours: €225 (x12)

Comparison with current rates :

  • 1 hour: €6
  • 2 hours: €12
  • 4 hours: €39
  • 6 hours: €75

From the 12th to the 20th arrondissement, the increase will be smaller. The first hour will rise from €4 to €12. For six hours' parking, the charge will rise to €150 for large vehicles and €50 for smaller or less-polluting cars.

These fare increases are designed to discourage car use in the city and encourage the use of public transport.

Which vehicles are affected?

Large SUVs and polluting vehicles soon to be taxed

Bad news for Parisians driving polluting SUVs! Parking charges for these vehicles are set to soar, reaching €225 for six hours in the central arrondissements.

Only visitors will be affected by this surcharge, with Parisians benefiting from a residential rate. Exceptions are made for people with reduced mobility, cabs, craftsmen and healthcare professionals.

This project, voted for by 78,000 Parisians, will be debated at the Paris Council next May. If approved, the measure will come into force on September 1, 2024.

Paris parking rates

How do I apply for a parking card?

If you are an individual and would like to benefit from these advantages, you can apply for a residential parking card. To do so, you'll need :

  • Car registration document showing your full name and home address.
  • Last notice of income tax attached to the address of the main residence on January 1 of the current year or certificate of attachment to the tax household
  • Proof of address (water, electricity or telephone bill) less than 3 months old.

You have the choice of applying for this card, either :

  • On site: make an appointment with the Paris City Hall on-street parking section, bringing your documents with you.
  • Online You will need to create an account and scan the required documents.


Paris electric car parking maps

It is also possible to apply for an electric car charging card.

For professionals, you can apply directly for this card online. You will also need to create an account. To complete your application, the documents you need to provide will vary according to your professional profile:


professional parking card request paris

Source : Mairie de Paris

After accessing the site, in the Roads category, click on "Professional parking card request":


Paris electric car parking cards

If you have a paper card, slip it into the plastic case provided and display it on the windscreen to justify your parking space. If you have a dematerialized card, don't worry, as your vehicle's registration number will have to be entered into a database during checks.

Please note that unlicensed vehicles, even electric ones, are not affected by this measure.

What about parking your hybrid car in Paris?

The procedure remains the same! Hybrid cars, which have low CO2 emissions, can in some cases benefit from the same advantages as electric cars. Eligibility will be assessed when you apply for the "low-emission" parking card. The condition is as follows: your vehicle must be a rechargeable hybrid - non-diesel - that emits less than 60 g of CO2 per km.e.

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What is the green disc?

Created in 2008 by the Association des Voitures Écologiques, the green disc gives users of eco-friendly cars the privilege of free parking in 30 French cities, including Paris.

The disc indicates the vehicle's registration number. To date, only 2% of all vehicles are eligible for the Green Disc.

What are the conditions?

For your vehicle to be eligible, here are the conditions: 

  • Vehicle emitting less than 120 g/km of CO2 are included
  • Clean vehicles with low greenhouse gas emissions (car-sharing, hydrogen, microcitadine, electric, hybrid, LPG)

Green disc holders can benefit from :

  • Free parking for 2 hours
  • Parking spaces can be reserved in the city center or close to shops, in towns that don't have paid parking.

How do I get the green disc?

To obtain the green disc, simply :

  • Apply to the Paris City Hall parking department.
  • Show your vehicle registration document and the P3 label, which indicates the type of energy used (electric, hydrogen, natural gas or rechargeable hybrids).
  • The local council will then issue you with a green disc and a sticker to affix to your vehicle's windscreen in the event of an inspection.

In conclusion

So when you're looking for a parking space, know that thanks to your electric car, it's possible to park for free and more easily.

To justify free parking, a number of conditions must be met: depending on whether you're a visitor, resident or professional, your parking rights, duration and location will vary. Before you park, don't forget to check with the city.

Once you've met these conditions, you're free to enjoy the benefits of an electric car!

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