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Ebrar Kara



Ebrar was looking for a leased electric vehicle to meet the needs and expectations of his company ALBIM. After subscribing to the Beev newsletter, he received an interesting offer for an electric vehicle.

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Ebrar finds an electric vehicle for his company thanks to Beev

June 22, 2023


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7 months

Vicky was looking for traditional, thermal cars. It was after meeting a driver of an electric Tesla that Vicky became interested in electric cars and turned to Beev to find a leasing vehicle

How did you hear about Beev?

We found out about Beev thanks to their charging station service. I signed up for their newsletter a few years ago, and a few months ago I received a very interesting offer by e-mail from Beev, which prompted me to apply.

What were your needs and questions about the electric vehicle you were looking for?

When I was looking for an electric vehicle, I had several specific needs and questions in mind. First, I wanted to understand the advantages and disadvantages of an electric vehicle compared to a traditional gasoline-powered vehicle. I wondered whether an electric vehicle would be suitable for my daily commuting needs, in terms ofrange, recharging time and availability of recharging infrastructure. I also wanted to get an idea of the cost-effectiveness of an electric vehicle compared with a gasoline-powered vehicle. I wondered whether the savings on fuel would offset the higher initial costs of an electric vehicle, and whether the costs of recharging at home were advantageous compared with the costs of refueling.

Why did you entrust your project to Beev?

What gave me confidence was the way Beev's sales department worked. I liked their responsiveness and the way they solved the problems we had during our project. The proposed solutions met our needs.

" Our advisor was always positive, an encouragement for us. He always found a solution, took our needs into account and proposed interesting electric vehicle offers and a suitable means of financing."

Ebrar Kara

Peugeot e-208

How did our consultant help you?

Our advisor was always positive, an encouragement to us. He always found a solution, took our needs into account and proposed interesting electric vehicle offers and suitable financing.

Would you recommend Beev to your friends and family? Why or why not?

Yes, we certainly do. Firstly, because Beev offers new, multi-brand vehicles at affordable prices, whether for purchase or long-term leasing.

I would also recommend Beev for their professionalism in following up our project from A to Z, the way we were advised and supported, and all this from a distance. Beev's sales department was attentive and responsive. That's why we're so satisfied.

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