Walter Piraud

Walter Piraud



Beev had the pleasure of helping Walter choose the right electric car for his needs.

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Walter entrusts his project to Beev for a functional and fun car

June 5, 2023


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When Walter turned to Beev to find his ideal electric car, we took into account his specific needs, combining functionality with driving pleasure. Our dedicated team was with him every step of the way, providing personalized advice to ensure an unforgettable driving experience.

How did you hear about Beev?

I discovered Beev completely by chance, simply by searching the internet for information on "buying an electric car".

While browsing their site, I also discovered that they offered personalized guidance in the process of buying an electric car. This was exactly what I was looking for, as I wanted to be guided by experts who could help me make the best decision for my needs and budget.

Didn't anyone tell you about us before?

I decided to do my own research online to buy my own electric car. That's when I found Beev, a company specializing in electric vehicles.

What were your needs and questions?

I wanted to find an electric car that perfectly met my needs in terms of performance, range and functionality. I was aware that each electric car model offers its own unique features and benefits. So I needed detailed information on the different options available on the market, so I could make an informed decision and choose the electric car that would suit me best.

I wanted to dive into the world of electric cars and learn more about this fast-growing technology. I was curious to find out about the latest advances in electric mobility and the technological innovations that were taking place.

On the other hand, I had some questions about the different charging options available, whether at home, at public charging stations or at fast charging stations. I wanted to know what kind of plugs were needed and how long it would take to recharge the car, depending on its battery. It was important for me to understand these practical aspects so that I could plan my journeys with complete peace of mind and optimize the use of my electric car on a daily basis.

As I'm also a professional who needs a car for my daily work, I also had questions about the taxation of electric cars in companies. Beev was able to answer all my questions correctly.

"I particularly appreciated several strong points during my collaboration with you: your ability to listen, clarity of information, clarity of discussions, a good exchange, customer-oriented service, and patience."

Alexis Lecointe

MG Marvel R back

Why did you entrust your project to Beev?

Your ability to listen to my needs was remarkable. You took the time to understand my expectations and preferences, which enabled you to target the best options for me. Your responsiveness to my requests was also much appreciated. You were able to answer my questions quickly and provide me with the necessary information efficiently.

You showed a real willingness to help me achieve my goals and make sure I was happy with my choices. Your pugnacious approach was a key element in the success of our collaboration.

How did our consultant help you?

I particularly appreciated several strong points during my collaboration with you:

  • Your ability to listen was remarkable. You took the time to understand my needs, preferences and constraints, which enabled you to target the best solutions for me.
  • I was impressed by your ability to explain the various aspects of buying an electric car in a clear and concise manner. You were able to demystify certain technical terms and simplify complex concepts, enabling me to make informed decisions with confidence.
  • The discussions we had were of the highest quality. You succeeded in creating an atmosphere of trust and constructive exchange, in which my questions and concerns were thoroughly taken into account.
  • Your customer focus, you clearly put my needs and satisfaction at the center of your service. You were always available to respond to my requests and made sure I was fully satisfied with my choices.
  • Your patience throughout the process. You took the time to explain each step and answer all my questions, no matter how detailed. Your patience allowed me to feel at ease and to take the time I needed to make informed decisions.

How did Beev help you in concrete terms?

When we began our search, I had specific needs in terms of vehicle and timeframe. You took these requirements into account and showed real perseverance in finding a solution that met my expectations. Even if the vehicle I was looking for wasn't immediately available, you actively looked for alternative options and managed to find a vehicle that met my criteria.

What's more, you acted as an effective intermediary, ensuring that communications with the dealership ran smoothly and transparently. Your involvement helped avoid any misunderstandings and contributed to a more pleasant, hassle-free buying experience.

What drew you to this particular vehicle (MG Marvel Performance)?

When considering the purchase of an electric car, I looked at various options. Although the Marvel Performance version offers a slightly shorter range than the Luxury version, due to the presence of a front trunk that doesn't allow the installation of a third motor, I deliberately chose this model to please myself.

The Marvel Performance version may have some compromises in terms of range, but this is not a priority for me. Above all, I'm looking for a functional car that meets my daily needs, while providing me with driving pleasure.

Did the fact of being at a distance pose a problem for you at any point during the transaction?

What really sets your company apart is the way you establish a relationship of trust right from the start. You take the time to listen carefully to customers' needs and concerns, making sure to answer their questions clearly and precisely. You strive to create an environment of transparency and trust, in which customers feel secure and well-informed.

It goes without saying that your motivation is to offer a quality service, bringing real added value to every customer interaction. This honest, transparent approach inspires trust and helps build a solid, lasting relationship with those who call on your services.

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