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Profitability of charging station leasing: all you need to know

Profitability of rental charging stations - fact or fiction?

Promise ofsavings, d'simplified installation and flexibilitythe charging station rental is all the rage. Are you considering renting a charging station for electric vehicles, but wondering whether it's really worth it?

Indeed, drivers are becoming increasingly aware of the need to change their driving habits, increasingly favoring electric vehicles over traditional internal combustion ones. This transition is all the more attractive for those wishing to change their vehicle, as they can benefit fromfinancial assistance for the purchase of an electric car. But this boom in electric vehicles comes with a crucial question: how can you recharge your battery easily and cheaply? Renting a charging station appears to be an attractive alternative to buying a car, but is it really cost-effective?

What's more, electric car drivers need to recharge their batteries frequently. Home recharging is ideal, but can be costly to install, not to mention that recharging points in France are fraught with challenges, as we'll see below. So, to make the most of their electric investment, more and more drivers are deciding to rent access to their charging station. 

In this article, let's delve into the nuances of charging station leasing profitability. Discover the benefits and key factors to consider when making the best decision about investing in this fast-growing field.

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Charging station rental for professionals

Charging stations and key figures for 2024

According to the latest data available fromAvere-Francethe the French network has 120,345 charging points (January 2024). At this rate, the year could close with 150,000 points, ⅓ of the 400,000 target for 2030. The share of fast charging is increasing, from 9% to 17%of which 8% in ultra-fast charging.

However, a number of problems were noted in the area, including : 

  • of significant price disparities between different charging stations (up to 800% on the same charging station),
  • a opaque charging rates (no tariffs are indicated as in a conventional service station).

So, despite the deployment of charging stations, there is still a insufficient and and poor distribution of charging points complicating the logistics of electric vehicle drivers. L'unavailability of recharging points in some cities is a major drawback, especially for long-distance journeys. In addition, the limited availability of charging stations creates obstacles for electric car drivers. The fear of going without recharging persists in the face of the scarcity of free charging points.

For more information, see our article on the deployment of charging stations may be of interest to you.

Why rent a charging station?

To give you a brief introduction to the subject, leasing (or rental) is widely used by businesses, but private individuals can also opt to rent their charging station. In other words lease management where the operator assumes the cost of purchasing the equipment and establishes a rental contract with the customerand collects the rent.

As with electric vehicles, two rental options are available:

  • Lease with Purchase Option the customer takes out a lease for a period from 1 to 5 years. At the end of the term, they can choose topurchase (or not) the terminal and pay the residual value, less any payments already made, thus benefiting from a significant discount.
  • Long-term rental The customer also signs a contract, but must return the terminal at the end of the contract. Although monthly monthly repayments are generally higher under as repair and breakdown costs are included.

That said, renting your own electric charging has a major major interest for both private individuals and professionals, opening the way to a host of tangible benefits.

ve in charge

Renting a recharging point as a private individual

The rental of a charging station by a private individual for a private individual presents an advantageous opportunity to amortize the initial investment and installation costs. In fact, renting out a charging station can generate monthly income monthly income of up to €450depending on the number of users and the frequency of recharges. On the user side, the monthly rental fee (excluding recharging costs) is often between €30 and €40and therefore between €360 and €480 per year.

In addition, this approach optimizesuse of the terminal during periods of inactivitythus increasing its profitability. It also enables other users who are unable to purchase equipment because of the cost involved, or who are passing through areas without public charging stations, toavoid running out of fuel.

At Beev, we offer several charging solutions for your electric car for your electric car, connected or not. Don't hesitate to contact our experts.

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Renting a charging station as a professional

For professionals, leasing offers a more flexible approach to approach to budget management. Leasing involves fixed monthly payments (36, 48 or 60 months), providing peace of mind in terms of financial organization.

When it comes to leasing a vehicle, not being the original owner offers significant advantages. In addition to access to a charging station, you benefit from assistance and maintenance serviceswhich helps to avoid financial uncertainties. This situation differs from the LOA, where all responsibilitiesincluding repairs, fall to the lessee.

On the other hand, if the aim is to keep cash flow intact, rent can be rent can be recorded as an expense in the financial statements. By increasing expenses, gross profit gross profit decreasesimpacting pre-tax net income in the balance sheet.

In addition, Beev also offers companies the possibility of leasing charging stations, either on a leased or a leasing basis. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Please note that prices vary depending on a number of factors: 

  • Contract period Contract duration: Contracts generally last from 1 to 5 years, with some requiring a minimum of 2 years. Monthly payments decrease with the length of the contract as costs are amortized.
  • Lease selection Rent varies according to the choice between LOA and LLD.
  • The customer's personal contribution A large initial contribution reduces monthly payments. However, with a LOA, the deposit is deducted from the monthly payments, but is lost if the customer does not buy the terminal at the end.
  • Specific features of the charging station Features that inevitably impact rental costs, such as : 
    • the brand,
    • power, 
    • connected functions (remote control, intelligent load management, etc.),
    • robustness...

If you'd like to install charging stations for your fleet in the future, our article on the cost of installing a corporate charging station may be of interest to you.

At Beev, we propose 3 different offers for thebollard installation for professionals :

  • The "Basic" offer,
  • The "Premium" offer, 
  • The "Made-to-measure" offer.

As a reminder A number of government subsidies are available for the installation of recharging solutions for private and professional customers! Tax credit, reduced rate of 5.5%, Advenir bonus... We explain it all in this article : Aid for the installation of charging stations in 2024.

How do I make my recharging solution available?

To enable you to rent a recharging point, you need to inform other drivers that you have a recharging point at home. To do this, you need to sign up for mobile applications which allow you to declare the availability of your charging point. Once the point has been added to your profile, your home your home will be listed on the applicationThis allows users to get in touch to arrange recharging.

It's crucial to establish a system for accessing the recharging solution. What's more, if you're a private user, you'll want an application that allows you to manage your charging reservations and payments. 

Worth noting Many manufacturers of recharging equipment have developed applications linked to their products, enabling the reservation and monetization of recharging stations for businesses or private individuals.

Professionals can contact electromobility experts such as Beev for the supply of charging equipment (subject to conditions and a higher initial rental charge).

Conlusion: should you buy or lease a recharging solution?

As with electric vehicles, you can choose to rent a charging station. This option is ideal for temporary use of an electric vehicle or for who cannot afford to buy the charging station.

It's important to note that maintenance and servicing are the main advantages of leasing a charging stationintegrated into the monthly cost of the leasing contract. Installation is handled by the IRVE professionalprofessional, offering a turnkey solution and an undeniable advantage.

In short, renting a charging station an interesting interesting alternative for drivers who don't want to spend a lot of money on such equipment, or who plan to use their electric vehicle only to a limited extent. From a financial point of view leasing remains more advantageous than buying in the short termi.e. for the first 2 years. However, beyond this period, its financial appeal diminishes.


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