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Negotiate your electric car insurance?

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You are currently in the process of acquiring an electric car ? Or are you planning to switch to electric mobility in the near future? If so, you're probably wondering how to negotiate your vehicle's insurance.

It's true that the electric car, even though it offers significant savings over the long termstill represents a relatively relatively substantial. So it's important to make your transition to electric as simple as possible, and to be able to insure your electrified vehicle without having to add exorbitant costs to the final bill.

What's more, car insurance for an electric car has certain specific features that are important to know. In this article, we'll look at what these are, and how best to negotiate car insurance.

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Special features of car insurance for electric cars

In the case of an electric car, there are certain characteristics specific to electric mobility when it comes to car insurance.

Compared to a combustion vehicle, the cost of maintenance of an electric car will be much lower, given the low number of parts subject to wear and tear.

In fact, certain components and technical specifications, such as the gearbox, clutch and oil change, no longer exist on the electric car, making maintenance considerably easier and less costly.

Other elements and options of your insurance contract will be specific to electric vehicles:

  • 0-kilometer electric breakdown assistance,
  • towing your electric car to the nearest charging station charging station,
  • enhanced fire compensation coverage,
  • coverage of any electrical damage caused by recharging your electric vehicle.

Cheaper car insurance for electric cars

What's more, the cost of car insurance for electric cars is generally lower than for a combustion-powered vehicle.
According to a study carried out by insurance comparator LesFurets between 2019 and 2021, the average price of car insurance for a combustion-powered car is €534 , compared with €405 for car insurance for an electric car..

This financial difference can also be explained by the difference in usage, as electric cars are often used for shorter, less accident-prone journeys, enabling electric models to represent a lower risk and, consequently, a lower lower.

This lower cost can also be explained by the of parts subject to wear and tear the differences in components between internal combustion and electric vehiclesElectric cars also require less frequent maintenance.
In fact, if a combustion engine vehicle is involved in an accident, it will usually be accompanied by the replacement of a large number of expensive, worn parts linked to the combustion engine. In comparison, with electric vehicles, only the electricbattery is really at risk in the event of an accident.

To this end, it is a good idea to ask insurers about the coverage they offer for the battery of your electric car in the event of an accident.

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It's also worth noting that, logically, the higher the purchase price of your electric car, the higher the cost of insurance. For example, insuring an electric SUV such as an Audi e-tron will cost relatively more than for a small electric city car such as the Renault Twingo E-Tech.

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Reduce the cost of electric car insurance

Now that you know all the specifics of insuring your electric vehicle, it's also possible to negotiate your insurance contract for your electric car.

Define your car insurance needs

First and foremost, you need to be clear about what you want from your car insurance. Once your expectations fully definedit will be easier to find the right insurance for you, and then save on the cost of your insurance.

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Use a car insurance comparator

A good way to find the best possible deal on car insurance for your electric car is to use a car insurance comparator. This will enable you to compare the various insurance offers currently on the market and choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Using a car insurance comparator will also enable you to filter your search according to precise criteria, which will help you avoid being steered towards insurance offers that are unsuited to your situation. What's more, a car insurance comparator is a good way of assessing in advance how much you can negotiate on each of the insurances available.

From now on, the introduction of the Hamon lawalso known as the Consumer Law, which came into force on January 1, 2015, makes it easier to make it easier to cancel your car insurance. It is now possible to cancel your car insurance contract at any time, without condition or justification, at the end of your first year's contract.

Make the most of your driver status

When you take out a policy, you can show your insurer that you are an experienced driver. To do this, you can send proof that you have never had an accident on the road, for example. This will make it easier for your insurer to trust you, and potentially offer you a better price for your electric car insurance.

In addition, of course, it is essential to drive safely. safe and careful on a daily basis, to reduce the risk of road accidents and potential damage to your electric car, resulting in high additional repair and maintenance costs.

On the other hand, if you're still a young driver, negotiating an insurance contract may prove more difficult. A young driver who has only been driving for a short time is less likely to be able to prove the seriousness of his or her driving. What's more, young drivers are often considered inexperienced and potentially more likely to be the cause of road accidents.

Wherever possible, it is therefore more attractive for young drivers to drive the family electric vehicle, rather than invest in their own, which in this case would result in expensive car insurance.

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Using your electric car

How you use your electric car will also have an impact on the cost of your car insurance. In fact, the nature of your daily journeys and trips will affect your risk quotient and the greater or lesser likelihood of road accidents.

So, if your use of your electric vehicle is essentially limited to short home-to-work journeys on city roads, then this will be a considerable advantage when negotiating your car insurance.

In this configuration, the risk of potential accidents remains fairly low, making you a low-risk profile, of much less concern to the insurer, potentially allowing you to review the amount of your car insurance downwards.

If you use your electric car only occasionally, it may also be a good idea to opt for a per-kilometre car insurance. Originating in Anglo-Saxon countries, this type of car insurance is also known as "Pay as you drive".Pay as you drive"(PAYD), has been emerging in France for several years now. With this type of insurance, you only pay the amount corresponding to the number of kilometers you drive per year, resulting in a lower cost than with conventional coverage.

On the other hand, if you frequently use your electric car for long-distance journeys, while combining private and professional use of your electric vehicle, in this case the accident risk may be increased tenfold, which will also weigh on the amount of your car insurance. In this case too, it's up to you to demonstrate your driving experience and seriousness to reduce your insurer's fears. 

Reviewing your car insurance

In addition, you should be aware that it is possible to revise your insurance, for example, if you wish to extend your current cover or, on the contrary, reduce it for financial reasons. In fact, if your needs have changed since you took out your insurance, you can always modify the conditions If your needs have changed since you took out your insurance, it's always possible for you to modify its terms and conditions, for example by deleting or adding options, so that you can renegotiate it if necessary.

So, if you no longer use your electric car in the same way as you did when you took out your insurance, it's worth thinking about revising it to avoid unnecessary extra costs. Indeed, if you now use your electric vehicle more sparingly, or even only occasionally, and it stays in your garage most of the time, it may not be necessary to maintain full coverage with comprehensive car insurance. In this respect, it may make more sense for you to reduce the coverage of your electric carin proportion to how much you use it.

Similarly, if you've owned your electric car for several yearsit's possible that its value has diminished over time, and that it's now less valuable. In this case, it's also possible for you to revise the amount of your insurance downwards to reflect the current condition of your vehicle.

In conclusion

Now you know that it's possible to save money on car insurance for an electric car. To do so, you'll first need to find out about the specifics of electric vehicle insurance.

Your risk profile as a driver will also be an important lever for successfully negotiating your car insurance. It will be interesting to be able to prove your experience and the seriousness of your driving, and thus revise the amount of your insurance contract downwards.

In addition, you need to make sure that your current cover is adapted to the frequency of use you make of your electric car and the distances you cover. If this is not the case, you are free to ask for your car insurance to be reviewed, in order to reduce its coverage or the options associated with it, in order to lower its cost.

Applying these tips will enable you to reduce the cost of car insurance for your electric car, and prevent it from becoming too large a financial investment.

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