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Self-employed healthcare professionals: 8 reasons to visit your patients in an electric car

Profession santé libéral patient voiture électrique

For several years now, France, like many other European countries, has been in the midst of an energy transition. To this end, a number of aids and schemes have been put in place to help the professions to cope with this change.

One of the alternatives for visiting patients is to use an electric vehicle. If we're talking about self-employed professionals who travel regularly, such as doctors and nurses, it's important to have a vehicle that's functional and contributes to the well-being of the population and the environment.

To give a few figures, in 2022, UNAPL (l'Union Nationale des Professions Libérales) indicates that 31% of liberal professions in France are in the healthcare sector.

Are you a nurse, midwife or doctor who needs an electric vehicle to travel to patients' homes? Here's what you need to know to make the most of your (future) clean vehicle.

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Why switch to electric mobility for a green tour?

For a nurse's or physiotherapist's round, the most commonly used vehicle is still the car. This is due to a number of factors, such as rising fuel prices and the environment sounding the alarm on climate change. So, choosing mobility for your tour means more environmentally-friendly mobility, much smoother on all your journeys. 

Here are a few other advantages for the electrical switchover of self-employed doctors, starting with the financial aspect: 

Write off your electric vehicles

One of the major advantages is the depreciation of electric vehicles. Electric cars emitting less than 20 g/km benefit from a depreciation ceiling depreciation ceiling of €30,000 excluding batteriesUnlike internal combustion vehicles, where the ceiling varies according to the level of CO2 emissions.

Let's take an example with a 15,000 battery :

  • If the price of an electric vehicle is over €48,000
    • The vehicle has a depreciation basis of €30,000
    • Amortization at 16 000 €
  • If the price of an electric vehicle is less than €48,000
    • The vehicle has a depreciation basis of €30,000
    • Battery depreciation is not not apply since the amount depreciated would be greater than the value of the vehicle

What's more, it's possible to separate the depreciation of the electric vehicle from that of the battery, provided the latter has its own invoice. The battery can be depreciated over the desired period of use, even one year.

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Tax-free vehicle registration

Driving an electric vehicle also means that the vehicle registration document is fully or partially exempt from regional tax. This is granted at the discretion of the regional council. Don't hesitate to contact your local council for more information.

Is it possible to reclaim VAT on electric cars?

If your vehicle is a passenger car, VAT is not recoverable, even if it has been financed by leasing (LLD or LOA). However, in certain cases, VAT can be reclaimed on :

  • Electricity used to recharge the vehicle's battery (actual costs only)
  • The commercial vehicles and industrial vehicles
  • Patient transport vehicles

Move freely to consult your patients

As we mentioned in the introduction, one of the ways of getting around while saving money is to use an electric vehicle, for a number of reasons: 

On the one hand, you will not be bound by the ZFE-m (Mobility Low Emission Zone). Indeed, the objective is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and this scheme has been in place since September 2020.

As a reminder, the ZFE-m are zones that prohibit the most polluting vehicles from traveling in those areas determined by the State. There are currently there are 11 such zones in France, with a further 43 to be set up by 2025..

So driving an electric vehicle gives you the freedom to go anywhere, without constraints. 

Good to know: As a self-employed person, you should be aware that you can also use your electric vehicle for personal travel. However, this only applies only if it is not capitalized. What's more, it can be deducted from your share of business expenses.

Are you a self-employed professional?
Take advantage of our leasing offers for electric cars

Take advantage of the ecological bonus

Also on the financial front, you can benefit from the environmental bonus for the purchase or leasing an electric vehicle.

As a reminder, the ecological bonus is a scheme set up by the French government to reduce purchase costs and make electric mobility accessible to all. 

The amount of the ecological bonus varies according to the type of vehicle. Here's how it works:

  • For private cars: the ecological bonus is capped at 27% of the purchase price, all taxes included, or €3,000 for legal entities.
  • For vans: the amount is set at 40% of the purchase price, all taxes included, i.e. €4,000 for a professional.

Benefit from the conversion bonus

The conversion premium is also available to independent professionals who want to electrify their fleet. Amounts also vary according to the type of vehicle chosen and the criteria for these vehicles:

Motorization Conditions Amount
Electric (battery or hydrogen)

Sales price (incl. VAT) under €47,000
Weight under 2.4 t
2 500 €
Plug-in hybrid
Sales price less than €50,000
1 500 €

As we have just seen, all these aids are relevant advantages for liberal professionals and, above all, in the long term, the electric vehicle will be much more profitable. electric vehicle will be much more profitable.

Reduce vehicle noise pollution

Moving around in an electric car considerably reduces noise pollution. Repeated high noise levels have a serious impact on health: this is what we call noise pollution. Noise pollution can be caused by construction site noise, neighborhood noise, or by transport, such as the internal combustion engine. study by the Agence de la Transition Énergétique (formerly (formerly Ademe), "the leading source of noise exposure and economic consequences".

An electric vehicle is much quieter than a combustion engine vehicle. Electric vehicles are naturally quieter than combustion engines, since they have no internal combustion engine. In conventional cars, the engine emits a combustion noise when the cylinder pressure changes. The only noise produced by EVs comes from their tires and wind resistance while driving.

On the one hand, this prevents the most fragile patients from being disturbed by other noises, and on the other, it reduces work-related stress, for example.

How can you save even more on your electric vehicle?

Having an electric vehicle is already a big step if France wants to achieve carbon neutrality. However, to accelerate the energy transition even further, it would be a good idea to take a few steps to extend the life of your electric vehicle: 

  • Plan your route: to get to your patients in the best possible conditions, it's a good idea to plan your journeys. Doing this regularly will optimize your driving time and energy. So make sure you include charging stations along the way, or find one close to your destination . To plan your trip, several online platforms are available, such as PlugShare or Chargemap.
  • Minimize the use of the car's equipment: as with combustion-powered vehicles, the electric car's interior equipment has a major impact on its performance. 
  • Use eco-driving eco-driving Have you heard of regenerative braking ? It's one way of reducing energy consumption. The aim of this technique is to recover energy when the vehicle slows down.
  • Remember to recharge your vehicle: this is an obvious point when using an electric vehicle. However, what could save you time would be to charge your vehicle the day before, ideally during off-peak periods. Why? Because that's when electricity prices are lowest. So you can save money on energy costs. 

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How to choose an electric vehicle for the liberal health profession?

That's it, you've decided to switch to an electric car! But what criteria should you take into account if you're a self-employed healthcare professional? As this profession requires a lot of driving, here are a few points to help you choose: 


Before buying an electric vehicle, make sure you choose one that can keep up with all your travels, without necessarily needing to be recharged during the day. Since most of the health professions have a "heavy-duty" profile, you'll need a vehicle that meets this need.

Driving comfort

Apart from noise comfort, driving comfort is also an important criterion to consider. In fact, electric car manufacturers also take this point into account, since they are aware that professionals regularly take to the road. 

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Want to go electric?

Beev offers multi-brand 100% electric vehicles at the best prices, as well as recharging solutions.

Electric vehicles for independent healthcare professionals

Electric vehicles are constantly evolving in terms of range and recharging speed. The ideal solution to benefit from the latest technological advances would be to pay only for use, via a long-term leasing (long-term leasing).

This form of financing gives you several advantages, including : 

  • Control your budget Leasing: monthly leasing rates are fixed and known in advance. Once the amounts are known, you'll be spared any unpleasant surprises and can use the car with complete peace of mind.
  • Changing electric vehicles often This could be worthwhile, especially if you want to take advantage of the latest technological advances in electric car equipment.
  • Test drive an electric car before deciding to buy The rental period can also be an opportunity to test drive an electric vehicle to see if it suits your needs and your business.

Find out more : Everything you need to know about long-term leasing for electric cars.

So that you can make your visits in the best possible conditions, here are a few electric models for the liberal professions available for purchase or long-term leasing:

Electric cars for city travel :

If your routes are more urban, electric electric compacts are recommended, such as :

Electric cars for rural travel

The countryside also means long-distance travel. If most of your patients live in the countryside, it's a good idea to opt for electric SUVs with a range of around 450 km. Here are a few examples:

Speaking of Tesla, the Tesla Model 3 has been eligible for the ecological bonus since January 1, 2023. Tesla offers are available at Beev!

Good to know: these leasing prices may vary according to your project. To find out the fixed amount, please contact our team.


So, whatever your position in the liberal health profession, there's always a way to get an electric vehicle for a more pleasant, serene and environmentally-friendly drive. 

For more information, our Beev experts are here to answer your questions and support you from A to Z, whatever your project.

Grace Nzuzi
Grace Nzuzi

Through my articles, I help you to better manage your energy transition. And I do this for professionals and private individuals alike.

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